Fan Perspective with Ron Ursery


What’s good BoltHeads? Here we go again with another Fan Perspective article.  Talk about perspective.  Tonight’s interview is with Ron Ursery.  He is a diehard BoltFan.

In this interview Ron provides some great insight that a lot of our newer Chargers Fans might not have ever heard about.  Quite frankly this is one of my favorites to this date.

I really like doing these articles and this one is no different.  It’s always really cool to hear about the Chargers from a perspective that is different than mine.

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Let’s get this thing rolling.

BoogaP: Give the Chargers Fans out there a little personal Bio.

My name is Ron Ursery and I am now, unbelievably, 67 years old. I was born in Pine Bluff, AR and left there at age 18 to report to Communications School at NTC San Diego after joining the Naval Reserve in high school. I spent 23 years in the Navy rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander before retiring in 1986. I am now fully retired with my wife of 42 years in San Marcos, CA after a second career in law enforcement both in San Diego and back in Arkansas. We have two sons who are now grown with families of their own. One is currently serving as the senior naval officer in Lima, Peru and the youngest is attending Missouri State University in Springfield preparing for a career in journalism (a budding sports writer).


BoogaP: What has it been like to be a fan of the Chargers since the beginning?

My love affair with the Chargers began in 1963 when I attended my first game at Balboa Stadium.  You can not imagine how a young kid from Arkansas felt being in the presence of real live professional football. I have been a fan ever since and always held season tickets when the navy graced me with an assignment back to San Diego.

BoogaP: Who is your favorite player of all-time?

Lance Alworth is my favorite player after watching him for three years at theUniversity of Arkansas and then here with the Chargers. While in high school I lived for the times I could travel toLittle Rock and watch the Razorbacks and Lance. Just a little history here: every time Lance would line up to return a punt the crowd would be chanting, “We want a Touchdown”. He was just that good. I am proud to have had the opportunity to watch him play both in college and for the Chargers.

BoogaP: Who is your favorite player that is currently on the roster?

Phillip Rivers. I admire him for his talent on the field and his dedication to both his family and the community.

BoogaP: Name your Top 3 favorite Chargers moments of all-time.

1) The AFL Championship game in 1963 when we beat the Boston Patriots 51-10. I bet not many of your readers even remember this game.

2) The 1978 “Holy Roller” game against the Hated Raiders. Although the play cost us the game, I was sitting in the lodge section right above the play and just sat there stunned for several minutes after the game was over. That play cemented the current rivalry with the Raiders which, in my mind, is the best rivalry in football.

3) Every time I was in the stands when John Jefferson ran onto the field during pre-game introductions waving that gold Charger Power towel over his head. That did and still sends chills down my spine.

BoogaP: Have you ever been to a Chargers game and if so which game was your favorite?

I have been to more Charger games than I can remember. I could not possibly pick out one as a favorite. Let’s just say that every victory that I witnessed over the Raiders are all favorites.

BoogaP: Now that we are 74 days from the opening game of the 2012 season, how would you grade the Chargers offseason as far as the draft and Free agency?

I love the Melvin Ingram pick. I believe that he has All-Pro potential and is ahead of the curve by having played in the SEC.The offensive line still needs a lot of work and the choices there still have a lot to prove. Of course, I always predict a Super Bowl for the Chargers in the spring, but I think this could be the year if everything jells. I just get the feeling that this team could really come together and win it all.

BoogaP: Who is your least favorite team?

Do I really need to answer this question? I hate the Oakland Raiders with every sinew of my body.

BoogaP: Who is your least favorite player of all-time?

Ken Stabler, Pete Banaszak, and Dave Casper because of their hand in the “Immaculate Deception” or “Holy Roller” play in 1978. The Raiders have always been a dirty team, but that play went above and beyond and caused a change in NFL rules.

A close second would be any of the Mannings because of the way Archie dissed the Chargers over the Eli Manning draft choice.

BoogaP: If you could go back and re-do any moment any Chargers history, what would it be and why?

The 1981 AFC Championship loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. I think that an honest game in decent weather would have had a much different outcome.

BoogaP: A lot of Chargers fans have been clamoring for the powder blue jerseys to become the home jersey for the team. What is your opinion on that?I love the Powder Blues and would love for them to be the permanent home jerseys.

BoogaP: It seems like every talking head and media member has already given the division to the Broncos with the addition of Peyton Manning. That being said, who do you believe to be our biggest threat in the division?


I do think that the Broncos are the biggest threat, but not because of Manning. They added Jack Del Rio as defensive coordinator and he will make a good defense even better.

BoogaP: I have predicted that the Chargers will win their first Superbowl this season. Do you have a prediction for the 2012 season?

Super Bowl Baby!

BoogaP: What is your favorite piece of Bolts swag that you own?

My favorite piece of Bolts swag was a gold giveaway Charger Power T-shirt from the John Jefferson era. I wore that shirt so often and so much that it finally just disintegrated. I have a lot of stuff now, but that shirt was dear to my heart.

BoogaP:  If you could say one thing to the 2012 Chargers in a pregame speech, what would you say?

Guys, we have to play as a team to win. Let’s forget about individual records and contracts and put together a team game. Together we can beat any team in the league. Go out there and show the world what a real team can do.

BoogaP: This is one of favorite questions to ask. Do you have a gameday meal and beverage of choice?

Pizza and Diet Coke. It used to be beer but I have discovered that there is a lot of good football played in the 4th quarter since switching to Diet Coke.

BoogaP: Here comes my favorite question, how often do you visit

I am new to, but I try to check it out every day now.

Thank you for the interview. I guess that I am now a Senior Charger Fan, but I still bleed Charger blue and gold.



Thanks again for one of the best interviews that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of to this date.  A lot of knowledge, humor, and Silver & Black hatred dropped on us all during this interview.

I have no doubt that you bleed Charger blue and gold.  I am also sure that a lot of Chargers fans learned something today.

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Thanks a lot for reading.