Question: Would you rather have a dynasty or just one for now?


Feb 5, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Giants safety Deon Grant (34) holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XLVI against the New England Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

-I’m back people and over the summer (out of school now lol) I’ll be starting a sereis of posts every now and then of questions for us to think about. Read on if you want if not oh well. After you read if you have an opinion let it all out in the comments section and we’ll talk. Without further ado my first post of the series, one or multiple rings?

-For most of us the answer is a no-brainer, a dynasty means three trophies in 4/5 years, constantly being in the championship game, getting a great coach, etc. However, if we think deeper we might see we’d rather have one now and another every now and then. Living on the east coast I am surrounded by Pats fans, Giants fans (most bandwagon), and Steelers fans. All of them (with exception to maybe the Giants until this past year) have no problem making the playoffs and always being in contention for the big one. Don’t get me wrong I would love to make the playoffs over and over again but the question I pose is, do we really want that.

-As chargers fans and having missed the postseason the past two years we understand what being humbled is. Every year we’re picked to go deep into the playoffs and lots of times in the superbowl. Well guess what sportswriters, we’re not the same team. The year we went to the superbowl we were lead primarily by the defense. My dad tells me how the monday night football promos for us now are “Rivers and the explosive chargers…” compared to the 90’s when it was something like “Junior Seau and the dominating chargers defense…”, we’re not the same team. Aside from that the last two years the offense has fizzled more games than not, this year we went on a three game laugher streak before seeing it all come down to the lions, don’t get me wrong the lions were certaintly a good team but for us to be beaten like that, inexcusable. Think about this, opening day we almost lost to the Minnesota vikings, the vikings that were only 3-13, led by AP who was held to under 100 yards and Donovan McNabb, we won by seven.

-Back to my point though, Pats fans, I think have become completely accustomed to the playoffs, and rightfully so, they’re being led by one of the greatest ever and I don’t remember the last time they weren’t in contention. I fear that if this year the chargers do pull it all together, teams like the vikings are easy wins and the team does win it all, we may lose that humbleness. Let’s say the bolts do continue winning and for the next six years are in at least the divisonal round every year, does that make us then just like patriot fans, ones that we at least I do, despise. I want to see the team win I want a championship, I just don’t want six straight years of winning, then in the seventh that losing is going to feel all that much worse.

-In conclusion, I think most of us can agree the feeling of losing is more dissappointing than the rush of winning. Over the past two years I’ve seen potential become slacking and that can’t happen. Again I’d love to win but I don’t want to feel like the regular season is an extension of the preseason and become entitled to the playoffs, because the year that doesn’t happen is going to hurt so much more than it did any year before.

-RRR Bolt Up.