Honorary Charger #1, Rajon Rondo



The Greg One is adding a new category to Bolt Beat. Honorary Chargers. These people will be composed of celebrities, athletes and other members of society I would love to see at the game in a blue and gold jersey. These people will probably be a bit off the beaten path, a little left of center just like The Greg One, which makes them perfect for my bestowal of this new honor. My inaugural entrant is Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics.Why Rondo? Simple.

At halftime of game four of the now tied series with the Miami Heat. ESPN reporter Doris Burke caught Rondo on the way to the dressing room to ask how the Celtics were able to hang 61 on the Heat by halftime.

Burke: What holes are you guys exploiting in this defense?

Rondo: Them complaining and crying to the referees in transition.




That didn’t come before or after the game, Rondo dissed the supposed best team in the land DURING the game! He wasn’t doing it to get a reaction, it was the most matter-of-fact answer you will ever see. The thing is he was absolutely right. The Heat are chronic complainers and if you watched the game again, there were a lot of instances where the Heat players were keeping more eyes on the refs as they complained about non-calls than they did keep an eye on their man. Rondo meant every word and he has had multiple chances to go into spin control and rephrase his answer and each time he has stated he stands by what he said. The Greg One is not a Celtics fan, wasn’t really a Rondo fan. Until now. That type of brutal truth you don’t see in pro sports until after the player has retired and there’s no chance of repercussion. Rondo has always had a nasty streak and in Boston is thought of as a diva but there is no denying the man is one of the top five point guards in the NBA. The man is all swagger and it shows on the court. Sound familiar Charger Nation?

The same things are said about our beloved quarterback, Philip Rivers. While Rivers is not seen as a diva, he’s got the swagger, plays with the same emotion and is one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league. I’m sure if he was allowed to speak unfiltered he would sound like Rondo, no more so than during the Jay Cutler rivalry. Every team needs a player like that and supporters of that team will love having that attitude on their squad while haters of that team will continue to bash the player for having those attributes. That’s the swagger I want flowing through the offense and defense at all times. I want the Chargers not to THINK they’re the best team on the field. I want them to KNOW they’re the best team on the field! The Greg One loves the attitude, the desire, the individual brilliance of the player which is why Philip Rivers is my favorite player today and why my first blue and gold fifty yard-line seat will be offered to Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics.

Stay tuned for what will become a weekly installment (provided there is someone that proves worthy) from The Greg One. Bolt Beat staff, feel free to provide your own offerings. Do you agree or disagree with this induction? See the video above for the aforementioned priceless sound byte. Who do you want to offer up as an honorary Charger and why? Looking forward to your comments. BOLT UP!!