Rivers should receive Manning Treatment in SD


Jan 11, 2009; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) on the sidelines with head coach Norv Turner against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Photo By Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

We have all talked about it.  I have spoken with  fellow BoltBeat writers and contributors on the phone, I have seen it in the comments section, all across the internet, and I have, for some reason, delayed writing the article about this very same topic.

Should Rivers receive the Manning treatment in San Diego?  When I ask this question I would like you to pause and think about where it is that I am going with this before you continue to read further.

When I say the Manning treatment,  should Norv Turner give Rivers the ability to run the offense a la Manning in Indy?  I realize the irony of using the word run while speaking of our beloved quarterback.

The QB and Head Coach combo have worked together for 5+ years now.  It sure looked to me like Rivers was seriously upset with many of the playcalls last year, amongst other things.  He seemed to be visibly and vocally upset, for that matter.

Considering that Rivers has been around football his entire life, starting with being the son of a football coach, and certainly his college and professional playing experiences, his football acumen happens to be one of his most overlooked qualities in my opinion.  Rivers himself has commented that when his playing days are over he, like his father, will probably end up coaching football.

Turner has already stated that he was going to lean heavily on Rich Bisaccia in many game management situations.  It is my opinion that he should let Philip run the show.  Both Turner and Rivers know what the other is thinking in regards to down, distance, and how to attack the defense given the opponent’s formation.

If Norv is truly 100% committed to winning first and checking any and all egos at the door, his own included, then I think it’s time to hand over the reigns to one of the best signal callers in the league.

Knowing the game tells you that, of course, Norv is still going to be the go to guy during the week in preparing the offense for the upcoming game.  Installation of formations that will be successful against the opposing defenses would completely be up to him with a little bit of input from the offensive staff and Rivers himself.

To be quite honest, if Turner would like to be the coach for seasons to come then he might need to strongly consider letting Rivers run the offense like Peyton did in Indy.

The additions of wide receivers Meachem, Royal, and even Parrish have provided the Bolts offense with the quickness and speed that I have been hoping for the team to obtain for quite some time.  You add in the deep speed of Floyd and the fact that Vincent Brown will have had the benefit of a full offseason to the equation, and we could be downright deadly.  That kind of speed at the WR position makes running the hurry up offense darn near impossible to stop.

This also does the running game an enormous favor as well.  With the passing attack having so many options, teams will be forced to use many more Nickel formations within their defensive gameplans.  This means great things for the rocked up Ryan Mathews to have that breakout season that even Norv Turner expects him to have this year.

So, in conclusion, do you think Norval should give the keys to San Diego offense’s car to #17?  Let me know in the comments section.

Thanks a lot for reading.