Fan Perspective with Jamie Matthews


September 25, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Antonio Garay (71) during the second quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

What’s good Boltheads?!?!  In tonight’s Fan Perspective we slap you upside the noggin with a little more of that international vibe that truly provides an authentic view.

I had the opportunity to talk Bolts with Jamie Matthews.  Like other younger Fan Perspective interviewees, his knowledge of the Chargers and the game is on the money.  I have read through his answers about a half a dozen times.  I’ll let the interview do the talking.

BoogaP:  Hit us with a little background info about you.

My name is Jamie Matthews and I live in a small village inSouthern England. I am 18 years old and planning on going to University next year to study history and politics (yes I know it sounds boring but following the Chargers keeps me sane!). I’m planning on possibly spending one of my years at university in theUSA! And I hope to be watching some Chargers games!

BoogaP:  When did your fandom for the Chargers begin? What made you start to like the Bolts?


I first started following the Chargers when I was 15 (three years ago) and have become more and more obsessed with the team as I get older (which has rather damaged my exam grades!) To be honest there was no real reason as to which team I should support but as my dad has been to San Diego before and said it was great (especially the zoo) I decided to become a Charger fan and haven’t regretted my decision one bit!

BoogaP:  If you could meet any Chargers player, past or present, who would it be and why?


If I could meet any Charger player it would almost certainly be Antonio Garay. Yes not Gates (although I would love to meet him as well), but seriously have you seen that guys hair! Despite his awesome hair he is also a really good football player who seems to be overlooked by many and seems to be a pretty funny guy.

BoogaP: What is it like to follow the Bolts from so far away?  A couple other Fan Perspective interviews that I have done point out that it is very difficult.


Like many others living outside theUSAI find it a little frustrating supporting the Chargers. Not because I don’t like watching them, it’s just when I see empty seats in Qualcomm Stadium it gets me so annoyed. Charger fans in theUSAplease realize how lucky you are to have such an exciting team playing in your own back yard. I watch every game on my laptop on a website and am hoping and praying the Chargers will play Rams at Wembley next year.

BoogaP:  What did you think when Peyton Manning chose to play for Denver? Every media outlet seems to have already crowned them AFC West champions now that they have added Manning.  If you want to crown their asses then crown them.

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback there’s no denying it. But as you will see in a later answer I don’t think the Broncos are a large threat. Manning has been looking good at training camp but doesn’t everyone? Maybe he’ll be great but it will be interesting week one against the Steelers seeing if Manning is really back when the likes of James Harrison are running right at him. Don’t forget teams know that he’s had neck surgery and there might not be bounties on him, but there will be players targeting the region and trying to take him out the game.

BoogaP:  What is your favorite piece of Chargers swag that you own?

As I live in theUKI don’t have a huge amount of Chargers ‘swag’. I of course have my Rivers shirt and Chargers ball but my favourite is my Charger bag imported from theUSA. I use it for anything and everything and wear my Bolt colours with pride!

BoogaP: I have predicted the Bolts to finally win their first Superbowl Championship. Do you have a prediction for the season?

I also would like to think the Chargers will make the Superbowl but to be fair I’ve been saying that every season I’ve supported the Chargers! One thing I do think is to our advantage is Denver are now the favourites so like the Giants did last year, we might be able to sneak into the playoffs avoiding media attention and make a good run possibly to the Superbowl. My main prediction though is Ryan Mathews will put up LT like numbers and become an all pro back. It’s certainly a bold prediction but the third year is often the year players turn great and Mathews looked very promising last year and with McClain now at fullback, Mathews has a great opportunity to put up big numbers.

BoogaP:  Who is your least favorite CHARGERS player that is currently on the team?


If you asked me this question a few weeks ago it would have been Travis LaGirl (LaBoy for those who are wondering who that is). This means I have nobody to say and I’m not gonna hate on a Charger player, instead I will hate on that horrible person who stole from Junior Seau’s home just days after his death (I know its not relevant but I wanted to put it out there)

BoogaP: Who is your least favorite player in the NFL and why?

My least favourite player in the NFL is Rolando McClain. Firstly he is a Raider which instantly puts him near the bottom. Secondly I hate it when guys who are lucky enough to be so physically gifted at a sport and have a great future can go around acting like thugs with guns and having fights. I hope he learns his lesson in jail and come back a new man.

BoogaP: I have read your blog a couple times, nice work. Tell us a little about it and if you could please post the link so we can have the BoltBeat Fam come check it out as well.


I started my blog a few weeks back and after shamelessly posting the link on twitter to endless Charger fans and players it’s really started to get a lot of views. It is all about the Chargers and many of the things I have mentioned on this article are in it. Here’s a link to it and please feel free to comment and read till your Charger heart is content!

BoogaP:  Who do you believe poses the biggest threat to stop the Chargers from winning the AFC West?

I believe that the Chiefs are our biggest threat in the AFC West. In my blog I go into depth explaining my opinion. To summarise however, the Chiefs have a load of great players coming back from injury including Charles andBerry. This along with pretty good additions in the off-season like Peyton Hillis makes the Chiefs the Chargers’ main threat. The Chiefs’ only main weakness is Quarterback which is where I feel the Chargers are a lot better and could be the difference between the teams. Broncos are second largest threats with my prediction of Manning going down to injury mid season and Raiders… well they are terrible. They lost Wimbley, Bush and Routt and almost certainly McClain due to his prison sentence which makes their off-season probably the worst in the NFL this season. Palmer is passed his prime and McFadden is great apart from the fact my pet Hamster could probably give him a side-lining injury.

BoogaP: And, here comes my favorite question, how often do you visit


Every spare moment of my life is spent on Football sites (and yeah I’m one of the few english guys who calls ‘football’ soccer. Bolt Beat is almost certainly my most visited site and I never fail too miss the morning dump or numerous other articles by the great guys at Bolt Beat! Keep it going guys and thanks for letting me write on the best football website theUSAhas to offer!


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.  You have far more knowledge than I would have expected! I say this due to your age and your location.  That’s what I get for assuming anything.  When I assume….I make an ASS out of U and ME.


Thanks a lot for reading.