Want to go to a Chargers Game?



Want to go to a Chargers Game?

This is not a joke.  I have come across some tickets for a Chargers game and I want you to be there! This ticket give away is not in any way, shape, or form in part by, or sponsored by BoltBeat.com or Fansided.com.  This is literally me having some tickets and wanting to give some SUPER BoltFans the opportunity to see a game.

The game is the August 18th preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys at Qualcomm stadium.  The seats, to be quite honest, aren’t that great.  This is about the experience of going to a Bolts game and you get to hang out with me, @BoogaP , Ernie @BB_Chargers , and Randy @r_mainwaring from BoltBeat.com.  I have a feeling it will be a good time.

It takes a true fan to be hyped up for a preseason game and I can’t wait to be there!  To have the chance to see my Bolts play is amazing.  I know that a lot of starters won’t be playing.  Can it! LOL!

I will be flying from Charlotte,NC to San Diego to attend this game.  I have not had a true vacation in years.  I plan to have a good time.  I will have a good time.

You will need to earn these tickets.  It will not be easy, however.  There will be quite a few steps and qualifications that will need to be met prior to anyone having eligibility.  I will list them all later in the article.  I want to make this crystal clear, this is just a ticket for the game.  I am NOT buying anyone a plane ticket.  I am NOT buying your food or beer at the game.  I am, however, supplying 1 ticket per “winner” to the August 18th preseason game against Dallas.  I obviously reserve the right to give a ticket to whomever I choose.

Sorry, I had to get that out of the way now.  I am sure to still receive complaints but haters hate.  If you knew me you would know that I HATE being so serious.

Knowing that there are only 7 tickets to spare, I will be making another deal for some of you who participate in this giveaway but do not win tickets.

There will be approximately 40 “runner-up” prizes which include: current and past San Diego Chargers players autographed cards, Chargers team set football cards from various years, fitted and flex-fit hats, brand new with tags Bolts jerseys, a couple of jerseys that I bought on eBay that seller lied about the size (lol, looking like a night gown on me), and 10 Fan Perspective interviews, as well.

It is my goal to make sure that all the haters from around the league ditch this idea that the Chargers Fans are the worst in the NFL.  I am going to continue to do whatever I feel fit to put this stigma to bed once and for all.  There are true fans.  The majority of Chargers Fans are diehards.  I bleed blue and gold! I know all of the BoltBeat faithful do as well!

Here come the rules!!!!

–          You must be 21 years or older.  I am very sorry for the under 21 crowd.  That does not mean you aren’t eligible to win the runner-up prizes.  Unfortunately, I am not giving a ticket to anyone under 21 years of age.  There are lots of reasons. I’m sorry.

–          You must have a valid picture I.D.  I have to be able to verify that you are the person that has completed all the steps.  All diehards that really want to go will do them.

–          You must follow me on Twitter @BoogaP.  If you already follow me that’s cool. Thank you.  If you already follow me you are still in the running, by the way.

–          You must follow @BB_Chargers Ernie, the editor of BoltBeat.com.  He is the reason I get to write about the Bolts.  Thanks bro.

–          I would like you to follow every Chargers player!  But you must follow these players:  @boonah920 Curtis Brinkley, @ShareeceWright , @Baby_Zilla76 Cam Thomas, @antoniogaray71 (even though he won’t follow me….), @rmathews24 Ryan Mathews, @TakeoSpikes51 , @mgilchr Marcus Gilchrist, @LeRon_McClain33 , @ShaunPhillips95 , @MelvinIngram , @AntonioGates85, @theGach Andrew Gachkar , @DarrellStuckey and @IWriteItOutLoud my little sister Kelly Busha.  You should already be following these players anyway! When you have followed them let them know that I asked you to follow them. If you already do follow them tell them that you appreciate all of the hard work that they are putting in to ensure a Superbowl victory this season.  All the steps are very easy for me to verify.  Meaning, don’t skip anything!!

–          You must “Facebook like” Boltbeat.com. We are the best Chargers Fan site on the internet.  If you don’t believe me just ask me.

–          You must leave a comment at the bottom of this article.  I don’t care what it is.  Leave a comment.

–          This is the most important part about this contest.  You must email me about your love for the Chargers and why you should be able to go to the game over the other fans that will be competing for prizes as well.  My email address is boogapeters@yahoo.com.  Show the Bolts some love.  Don’t even think of being Negative Nancy or 1961Fan.  I can’t STAND pseudo fans.  And for those of you that are pseudo fans, don’t give me this “I’m a realist B.S.!!”  Pathetic. Crawl back under that rock and go away.  You are why people criticize Boltheads all over this nation.

I can not wait to go back to San Diego.  I haven’t been there in years.  I truly will end up living there someday and I hope it’s sooner rather than later.  This is going to be really cool.

Can’t wait to read the emails and see ya’ll follow the Chargers players.  They ALL deserve our support.  They are out there putting their careers and health on the line every single day for us!  If you don’t have a twitter account then get on it!!  Garay is hilarious and I guarantee if you follow him, he will crack you up.  Stuckey’s tweets will start your day off in a seriously positive way.  I am super hyped about the #CamSmash!!! tees coming out featuring our Cam Thomas! Stay tuned for that.  I could go on and on.

I also promise you that I will do everything that I can, to get the group of us that goes to the game, an opportunity to meet as many players as possible!  Not sure how as of right now but believe me that I will try my hardest!!

Contest will end on July 3rd! Get started on putting in the work!

You know how the rest of this goes!



P.S.  Good Luck!  Hope to see you there!