Dec 18, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers nose tackle Cam Thomas (76) reacts after a touchdown during the first half against the Baltimore Ravens at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Shhhhh…. Be quiet!!!  Don’t make him angry.  You won’t like him when he’s angry!!

Our beloved 3rd year NT @Baby_Zilla76 , Cam Thomas, is working in conjunction with @ELUSIONCLOTHING to produce a #CamSmash shirt and apparel line.

What will be included as far as types and styles of apparel, hats, tees, etc?  I’m not sure but here’s what I DO know for sure.  “I want one of each!!!”

Myself and @r_mainwaring have both had the pleasure of tweeting with @Baby_Zilla76, and have confirmed this to indeed be fact.

Knowing that you are all true fans of the Bolts, you are already aware of the impact that Cam had on our defense last season.  Or maybe not??

The fans have been clamoring for the next Jamal Williams.  I am not even going to try to compare JWill and #CamSmash.  My reasoning for that is different than most fans. But, I will say this next part without hesitation knowing what has already been accomplished in such a short time.  Last season Thomas was credited with four sacks.  Cam did not receive full-time snaps at NT.

In 2004, Jamal Williams had a career-high four sacks while playing full time as the NT in the Chargers 3-4 defense.

Hmmm, things that make ya go hmmm.

Although they share the same jersey number, I think I have the same hope for Cam that he has for himself;  not to be the next best NT wearing the number 76 for our team, but to be the best Cam Thomas that he can be for OUR Chargers!!

And, by the way, his goal….oh wait, sorry, as he put it to me, he will be a future Hall-of-Famer.  Goals are to be reached but this big man is looking past goals and grasping for NFL immortality.  Now that is the kind of guy that I want manning the middle of our defense for years to come!

Did I say Manning?  Big mistake choosing to play in the same division as the Chargers.  I’ll expound on that in a later article.

I am anxiously awaiting the debut of the product line.  Now that all you BoltHeads have a heads up, I know that all of you are too.

I have a strong feeling that the BoltBeat faithful will do more than their part to help in making sure this line will “SMASH” even it’s own expectations!!

Thanks for reading and supporting one of my favorite Bolts!!  If you are on Twitter be sure to follow @Baby_Zilla76 as soon as you’re done reading this.  If you don’t, are you aware of what might happen to your face?