Fan Perspective with Peter Thompson


Heeellllooooo BoltFans! Did you miss me?  My guess would be….OF COURSE!!  I’ve been a little under the weather but I have a few fires to put out tonight.  Just so you know, in the future, if you don’t hear from me that it is for a good reason.

Here we go again with another episode of Fan Perspective!!!  If it seems as though this interview is a bit longer than the others it’s because it does happen to have a little more dialogue than some of the others.  Tonight we are featuring Super-Charger Fan Peter Thompson.  This dude seriously knows his Bolts.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  Pete is going to enlighten some of the “supposed true fans” this evening.  ( The person that is intended for knows who they are….)

There is nothing “bandwagon” about Pete.  Pete is one of the strongest commenters on BoltBeat and his support is very much appreciated.  Heck, the guy just started commenting and I noticed his passion for the team immediately.

When I say his support is appreciated, I am not talking about his support of the website.  Although that is truly appreciated,  I am talking about his true, undying support of our San Diego Super Chargers.  Pete is a Super Fan and if you take the time to read this article, you will know what I already know.

Get your popcorn ready and enjoy.

BoogaP:  Give the fans a little personal bio about you.

Pete:  My name is Peter Thompson, and I am a 37 year old Warehouse and Office Manger in Orange County,CA. I am a die hard Charger fan… and I live, sleep, eat, breathe, and bleed Blue & Gold 24/7! I am originally fromLondon, but I moved to San Diego when I was a boy, and my Dad & I immediately became Charger fans!

BoogaP:  How long have you been a BoltHead?

I have been a BoltHead since 1980, when my family moved to Chula Vista. I was 6 years old.

BoogaP:  Who is your favorite Charger currently and favorite of all-time?


Pete:  Currently, it’s Philip Rivers. Brees was ok, but it was a LONG drought at QB before Philip got here. It’s great to finally have a Franchise QB who is elite, tough, competitive, fiery, and cares as much as Philip does about the Bolts! Plus, his work with Rivers of Hope inspires me. As for all-time… Charlie Joiner.

BoogaP:  If you could say one thing to Norv Turner what would it be?

Pete:  I would tell him this: “Don’t go out and try to be something you’re not… But, it would be nice to see some REAL fire on the field and some backhanded smack-talking when fatheads like Rex Ryan challenge you (and the team) in the media”. He is WAY too mellow… and always at the wrong times, it seems.

BoogaP:  What was your reaction to the Bolts draft this year? Would you have taken Ingram at #18?  Don’t answer this wrong Pete! Lol.

Pete:  I thought the draft was great, except for taking ANOTHER injured player who isn’t going to play this year. Hopefully that works out in the end. Yes, I would have taken Ingram, without a second of hesitation.

BoogaP:  I love what we did in Free Agency and the fact that we went defense in the 1st three rounds of the draft. Do you think we did enough defensively?


Pete:  Yes, I think we did. We still need CB depth, but it looks like we may still address that in FA. I think the D is pretty solid now, short of the CB position.

BoogaP:  Although Gates is a future hall of Famer, he is slowing down just a little. I am not buying into the stupid rumor that some people believe that he is done.  Do you think that Ladarius Green is the next big thing at TE for the Chargers?


Pete:  I think he looks like a beast, and was a good pick! He has time to get better behind Gates, and has potential to make an impact in 2012. Gates is an anomaly. I wouldn’t try to compare Green (or anyone else) to Gates.  Apples & Oranges.


BoogaP:  What kind of stats do you think Malcom Floyd is capable of putting up if he was to stay healthy for 16 games?


Pete:  61 receptions / 1,107 yards / 18.5 average per catch / 58 yards longest reception / 10 TD’s / 55 first downs… hopefully more, right?

BoogaP:  What is your favorite piece of Chargers swag that you own?

Pete:  I have a Chargers Mr. Potato Head that a friend gave me for X-Mas last year. Love that little guy!

BoogaP:  Who do you believe to be the biggest threat in the AFC West this year?

Pete:  Hard to say in a division where all the teams finished within a game of each other. I’d have to say Kansas City. If Cassel can step up, I think their team is pretty loaded. Also, Arrowhead is a hard place to play.

BoogaP:  If you could go to one game this year, home or away, which one would it be and why?

Pete:  Chargers @ Saints. I think the Meachem, Sproles, Brees situation will make for great football (especially if we win)! Also, I could party inNew Orleans. lol! The Bucs game would be a close 2nd, for obvious reasons.

BoogaP:  I have predicted that this is the year that the Chargers win it all. Do you have a prediction for the upcoming season?

I am not one for predictions, as I LOVE that we are the underdog again! Nobody is predicting Superbowl for us this year.  Having said that… yes, I predict that we are going to win it all = )

BoogaP:  This is a look into the future kind of question, what position will have to be addressed in the first round of the draft next year in 2013?

Pete:  If I had to pick one, it would be right tackle. I know it’s not likely to happen in the 1st, but Jeromey Clary and our back-ups aren’t the long-term answer. But, replacements for Dielman, Jammer, and a back-up for Mathews are all options, as well. Probably a WR couldn’t hurt, either (depending on how Floyd & Meachem work out).

BoogaP:  As far as a back-up for Mathews we already have one in Brinkley!


BoogaP: And, of course, how often do you visit


Pete:  Everyday. I have only recently been actively posting, but I have been a BB fan for a long time. Keep up the good work, and it’s an honor to do this interview! NOW LET’S TAKE IT TO NEW ORLEANS IN 2013 BOLT FANS!!!!

I’d like to take a second and thank Pete for the interview.  Not only did his interview speak volumes about himself, it made it even more brutally honest how much he loves our Bolts!!!  Pete is a good example of what it is to be a true fan.  I have an article coming out that shows how being a true fan can pay off. 

It paid off for me when Ernie chose me as a staff writer for Boltbeat.  It also paid off for me in another way last night which I’ll write about later.

So, to all of you “supposed true fans”, 1961Fan, and every other naysayer/pseudo fan that believes that their time is best spent ripping on my Chargers….. Shut up and….