Fan Perspective w/ Kris Nicastro


In what WILL be our second Fan Perspective of the evening, I had the opportunity to chat with Kris Nicastro.  He and I disagree on the assessment of taking Kendall Reyes with our second pick of the draft.  I love Reyes, but understand his opinion on wanting to do what he says he would have liked us to do in the second round.

Oh, what’s that?  Read on and check out what another BoltHead feels about THE SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS!

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we snag some opinions from another Bolthead.  Perspective is a big part of furthering your own knowledge.  That is easily done as long as you open your eyes and ears! Check it.

Kris:  Thanks for the opportunity to let me share my Chargers love bro!!

BoogaP:  Come on now!  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview!  Give us all a little background bio on you personally.

Kris:  I am from and live inLompoc, CA. I’m 29 years old, and have two boys 4 1/2 and 7 months old. I’ve been married for 10 years this August. I manage an Auto Repair Facility as far as employment is concerned.

BoogaP:  How long have you been a Chargers Fan?

Kris:   I never was too into the NFL and definitely didn’t have a favorite team. My love began for the Chargers when my Dad took me to my first live NFL game at Qualcomm stadium. This was 2005, before the game my bros and I got our foam fingers signed by Drew Brees, Lorenzo Neal, Shaun Phillips, and Terrance Kiel.

BoogaP:  Who is your favorite player that is currently on the roster?  Who is your favorite retired player?

Kris:  Favorite player on the roster is Rivers. He plays with a lot of emotion and most of the time I love that. Favorite, soon to be retired, player is L.T!

BoogaP:  What is your favorite moment in Chargers history?

Kris:  I have a lot of favorite moments, but first that comes to mind was being at the Bengals game a couple years ago where we came from behind to win, the crowd caused like 3 false starts in a row due to noise. I used to be a season ticket holder and I have never heard Qualcomm that loud before!  It was amazing! Also, when we were at the Colts game where Sproles started us off by returning opening kick for a td (also returned a punt next series) and we picked Manning like 5 or 6 times.

BoogaP:  Now that the draft has been completed, how do you feel the Chargers did?

Kris:  I thought we did better than most years with this draft. Our #1 pick, Melvin Ingram, should be a beast and I’m excited to see what he can do. After the first I thought we made a poor decision with our second round pick. I think we should have traded up for LaMichael James and still taken Brandon Taylor in the third. Additionally, I think we should have traded up for Lavonte David in the second and converted him to play safety opposite Weddle. But, all in all, with A.J and Norv making decisions, it was a good draft.

BoogaP:  What team is your least favorite in the NFL outside of our division?

Kris:  Least favorite team is the Patriots, mostly because they are cheaters (nobody seemed to care about this) and they always seem to beat us. Also, can’t stand the arrogance of Tom Brady.

BoogaP:  Now that Peyton Manning has landed in the AFC West, who do you feel is the biggest hurdle for the Bolts to overcome? 

Kris:  I feel the Broncos were probably the Chargers biggest hurdle in the division before they landed Peyton. I think now with Peyton they are for sure our biggest obstacle.

BoogaP:  Is there a young player that you expect to make big strides in comparison to their other seasons in San Diego?

Kris:   I thinkButleris poised to continue his rise. Hopefully English can shake the injuries and be the player we need.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Mouton and Gilchrist progress this season. Obviously stoked for Mathews and Brown on offense!

BoogaP:  I have predicted that our Chargers will win it all this year and finally deliver a Lombardi trophy to the city of San Diego.  Do you have a prediction for the outcome of the season? 

Kris:   I’ll predict 10-6 and that’s being optimistic. This is going to be a tough year in our division and out.

BoogaP:  Is there any game in particular that you are especially looking forward to this season?

Kris:  Probably thePittsburghgame, because they have beaten us so many times recently and I think this year we take them out.

BoogaP: Now ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…..Ahem…How often do you visit

Kris:  I probably visit BB 5-6 times a day ?


Thank you so much for the interview and I am so glad that you took the time to share your thoughts on the Bolts.  Boltheads everywhere are sure to appreciate this interview!






P.S. Is it preseason yet?  LOL!