BoogaP’s Top Ten Favorite Non-Chargers of All-time


For those of you that are not aware, I absolutely  LOOOVE our Bolts.  I live and breathe Chargers.  I am the epitome of a diehard.  I have been bleeding blue and gold since birth.  Thanks Dad!! There aren’t many things that a father could pass down that could be more valuable, in my opinion.

Having said that, I truly love the NFL, too.  Although it has been slowly metamorphisizing into a business for years, I can not find a scenario that would lead me to not be a Fanatic.

With that being said, I do happen to have enjoyed watching players from other teams get the job done and perfect their craft.  As long as it isn’t against our Chargers.

My Top Ten favorite Non-Chargers have all perfected their craft!

Please remember that I am 33 years old and was not exactly watching football before I was born.

If I happen to leave some people off of YOUR list then make your own damn list!

Thanks for reading and yak at me about who you used to like, or still do, that isn’t a Chargers player!!


10)  Randall Cunningham:  I was wearing a Randall Cunningam T-shirt the first time I met my mom’s real mom.  One of the few non-Charger pieces of sports related clothing ever.

9)  Rod Woodson:  The guy was just amazingly awesome.  All opposing teams hated to have to play against #26!

8)  Marshall Faulk:  San Diego State alum was, and will always be, one of the finest all-around RBs to have ever played the game!  He helped change the position.  Now RBs that can’t catch the ball out of the backfield are devalued.

7)  Ronnie Lott:  The dude just happened to have “sacrificed” part of his pinky to ensure that he wouldn’t miss a couple of games.  Players always needed to know where #42 was at on the field.

6)  Deion Sanders:  Primetime, Primetime!!!  If he hadn’t been allergic to tackling he would have been even better!

5)  Dan Marino:  Miami had to have been the one to spread the rumors pre-draft in 1983 that he was a pothead.  Still can’t believe he fell that far! Possibly the greatest QB of all-time.  Definitely the best QB that never won a Superbowl!

4)  Bo Jackson:  Bo knew how to kill you!  I’ll never forget the nervousness that I felt before every game that we had to play against him as a Raider.  Each time the ball was snapped I held my breath waiting to see if he would get the ball or not.  It’s a shame that his career was so short.

3)  Joe Montana:  My favorite QB of all-time!  Four-time Superbowl Champion, yeah it makes sense.

2)  Jerry Rice:  Best WR that will ever play the game.  Quite possibly the best player to have ever played, regardless of the position.  G.O.A.T.

1) Barry Sanders:  I initially wore number 20 in an effort to be like Barry!! Fortunate enough to have seen him in person once.  Yes, while he was in the dome in Pontiac.  That story will be saved for another day.

Honorable mentions:  Steve Largent, Darrell Green, Reggie White, Sterling Sharpe, Brett Favre, Warren Moon, Cris Carter, Derrick Thomas, and Michael Irvin.

Take a second and leave a couple of your favorite non-Chargers in the comments section.  Thanks for reading.