BoogaP’s Top 10 Favorite TD Celebrations


With the evolution of the game has come the obvious marketing of the individual.  On the actual playing field a player is heavily penalized for the removing of their helmet.  Therefore, many athletes have a different way of showing out.  Each, that finds it necessary, has a different way of helping to spread the word about themselves.  Wait, I apologize.  Each has a different way of showing team spirit.  Right guys?

Nike, Gatorade, Reebok, etc. have all shoplifted the talents of our favorite players.  Although they are all paid handsomely, it is hard to believe that most of our superstars would be doing these ads, commercials, promos if it weren’t for the coin.

Although this is a team sport, there are very few of us that don’t look forward to seeing our favorite athletes celebrate themselves or secondly the team’s achievement due to the scoring of a touchdown.

Tonight I will give you MY top ten favorite TD celebrations.  Please leave a comment or two sharing your favorite TD celebrations.

By the way, if this article included sack dances it would definitely include Shaun Phillips “bowling move” and Jared Allen’s “Ta-Da” move.  No, there will not be a “discount doublecheck.”

10)  Lambeau Leap (by anyone)  Gotta love giving the fans a chance to be a part of the celebration!!

9)  Electric Slide by Billy “White Shoes” Johnson

8)  Gus Frerotte’s Unforgiveable Headbang!  On this list because it was SOOOO incredibly stupid.  Sorry Gustave.  ?  Right away I knew he was going to miss some time!!

7)  Alfred Pupunu’s Coconut Supreme.  Lop off the top and drink it down BoltFans!  Yes, my dad and I thought it was a pineapple forever as well!  My guess is that all of you did too!

6)  The Ickey Shuffle by Ickey Woods.  I don’t care that it was corny.  I was even happier that he continued to do it when he was forced to do so on the sideline.  Conviction to find a way is cool as long as it isn’t hurtful.  His name is Ickey. Not so hurtful.

5)  Deion Sanders highsteppin’ in for 6 and then doing the “Primetime” in the endzone.  As much as it is attempted to be replicated, it has NEVER been done the same.

4)  Chad Johnson’s Riverdance. LOVED IT!! Hilarious!  If the name on his jersey read ochenta y cinco I would then have recognized him as such.  To me, he is Chad Johnson and one of my top 200 of all-time.

3)  Stave Smith’s “Viking ship get-away”  Row, row, row your way into hilarity! How appropriate and timely.  Well played Mr. Smith.  Well played.

2)  L.T.’s ball flip.  I did the very same move on all 5 of my turkey bowl touchdowns this past year.  Yes, people got annoyed.  If it bothers you then stop me from having the chance to do it!  Miss that move L.T. and can’t wait to see you do it in Canton.  Hopefully five years from now…..

1)  Give the ball to the official and go back to your sideline and act like you’ve been there before.

Well, wait a second!! I just said that I did the L.T. ball flip.  Well, I have not yet been paid millions to score touchdowns.  Barry Sanders did it best.  He found the nearest official and gave him the ball.  He happens to be my…..nevermind.  That article is coming later tonight!

Thanks for reading!