Gives Their Draft Grades For The San Diego Chargers


Nov 26, 2011; Tucson, AZ, USA; Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin

Bucky Brooks from came out with his grades for the AFC West yesterday and here are the results:

Kansas City Chiefs: ASan Diego Chargers: B+Denver Broncos: C+Oakland Raiders: C

First let’s get to the A grade that is given the Chefs! How does a team get an A for a grade when their questionable pick is their first round pick of Dontari Poe? It’s your first round pick and you are not supposed to miss and this the selection that Bucky determined as a QUESTIONABLE selection. Poe is big and he is fast, which is awesome… BUT he is a defensive tackle and he doesn’t really need to be that fast for that position. He needs to be strong and hold his ground and there were a lot of question marks with him going into the draft. I was laughing when the Chiefs decided to take him with their selection and actually smiled that they wasted that pick!

Bucky, I am sensing a little bias on this one. Hmmmmm… Did you play for the Kansas City Chiefs or something? (I actually looked it up and he did have a few seasons with them)

For the other teams around the West, I would have to agree with the Broncos and the Raiders grades. It is tough to give the Raiders anything higher than a C because they were not able to make a selection till forever late in the draft.

The Broncos took some gambles in the draft, but I like RB Ronnie Hillman, mainly because he is a local kid. Now I am not even sure if I will root for the kid because he will be wearing a blue and orange jersey. Sorry Ronnie, it is all about the Bolts first!

Then we get to the grade of the Chargers. I agree with the grade of a B+ for the Bolts… but there is a lot of potential in this group!

Bucky says our best pick was out first round selection Melvin Ingram. We lucked out and he fell into our lap! Bucky then says our questionable selection was fifth round selection Johnnie Troutman. At least he was right about that, but he didn’t even mention the issues with the selection. He didn’t mention the injuries or the DUI or mention the fact that he won’t be able to play at all this season. But at least he was correct with the selection.

Bucky also says that it is hard to question any of the Chargers selections, but then he still decided to give us a grade of a B? CMON BUCKY!!! I like Bucky’s sleeper choice for us as well with Ladarius Green. There is a lot of followers that are hoping that this kid will be able to break out and make a huge contribution.

Overall, I can’t complain with Bucky”s grade for the Bolts. I just feel that the Chiefs were given a little too much love in the grades. B+ right now, but this draft will turn into an A+ as the season rolls along!