Fan Perspective with Jarvis Royall


Alright Boltheads here we go with another installment of Fan Perspective.  Today we get a glimpse of a very intelligent, young man and fellow BoltFan, Jarvis Royall.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

I think he did a fantastic job and I am really stoked to share this article with you today!

BoogaP:  Give us a little background bio about yourself.Jarvis:   My name is Jarvis Royall (Twitter @TheRoyallAce) I’m 17 years old and from Upper Marlboro, MD. Senior in HS and will be attendingRobertMorrisUniversityin PA!

BoogaP:  How long have you been a Chargers Fan?Jarvis: I have been a chargers fan since 2007, my 8th grade year. I was so intrigued by the way LT played as this was around the time of his MVP season and ever since then I have been a charger faithful!

BoogaP:  How do you feel about Vincent Jackson leaving San Diego in free agency and going to Tampa Bay?Jarvis:  I was disappointed when I saw VJax sign with TB but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. I would love to have kept him in powder blue but I’m just glad we got rid of a side story distraction and now we can put this behind us and push forward to success.

BoogaP:  Who was your favorite acquisition in free agency for the Bolts?Jarvis:  My favorite acquisition is hard to say. I think Robert Meachem was the most important after losing VJax we needed a WR bad. I think the entire WR corps we went out and got is going to be a big help to our offense and Phillip Rivers. Eddie Royal is going to be a great slot WR for us and I’m sure Spurlock and Parish will be key ST additions as well.

BoogaP:  In my opinion, the Chargers had an absolutely great draft.  What are your thoughts? Jarvis:  The bolts in my opinion had one of the best drafts I have witnessed. Not only did we address long overdue needs but we did so with great value. I wish jobs didn’t have to be in jeopardy to do this! My favorite pick would have to be Brandon Taylor. I’m sure every charger fan is excited about Melvin Ingram but I am also excited aboutTaylor. When you think of “Captain of an LSU defense” you don’t think of a 3rd round talent. We got a great talent and soon to be starter inTaylor. In my opinion, he was  a steal.

BoogaP:  Who is your least favorite player in the NFL and why? Jarvis:  My least favorite player in the NFL would have to be Mark Sanchez for the mere fact that he doesn’t live up to his potential. I don’t think he has played a wholehearted season yet which is absurd seeing that he’s been to AFC Championships (TWO!).

BoogaP:  If you could own any Chargers jersey, what would it be and why?Jarvis:  If I could own any chargers jersey I think I would get a Ryan Mathews jersey. I’m a big RM fan and 24 is my favorite number as well. I’m a Lakers fan also so a #24 jersey would mean a lot. I technically have two chargers jerseys but they are Merriman’s and LT’s.  So I don’t have any current player jerseys but I hope to soon.

BoogaP:  What are your thoughts on Peyton Manning signing in Denver?Jarvis:  I’m not too sure why Peyton signed with the Broncos. Maybe he was blinded by playing under Elway. The Broncos receiving corps is not spectacular and he could have went somewhere with better WRs (49ers, Cards, etc.) But I’m confident he won’t hurt us too bad. We hold the record for most picks by Peyton so we usually play well against him and I wish him a healthy season.

BoogaP:  If you could meet any Chargers player who would it be?Jarvis:  I would love to meet Antonio Gates. He seems to me like a personable guy and an interesting one as well. Id love to ask him how blessed he feels to be an undrafted FA and become what he has become today.

BoogaP:  Do you play football for your highschool?Jarvis:  I have not played football but I was the Head Varsity Football Manager/Trainer all four years of high school and was able to see and learn what the inside of a football organization goes through and also learned how to tend to some injuries.

BoogaP:  Having spoken to you on Twitter, prior to this interview, what went into your decision to choose Robert Morris University?Jarvis:  Robert Morris was such a great choice for me. I will be majoring in Sports Management and 98% of those who graduate from that department are placed in jobs so it is a great place for me and I can’t wait to start!

BoogaP:  I have predicted that this is the year that OUR San Diego Chargers go to and win the Superbowl.  Do you have a prediction for the season?Jarvis:  I believe we will have a great season. The stretch where we play the Ravens, Bengals, and Steelers will be tough but I have us at 12-4 or 11-5.

BoogaP:  I ask everyone this, and it will be no different in my interview with you, how often do you visit  I come to BoltBeat almost everyday to check up on what my fellow fans think about the happenings in Bolt Nation so if your new be sure to follow BoogaP, BoltBeat, and me as well!!

S/O to you BoogaP for giving me this great opportunity to speak on what I love. #BoltNation

For those of you who see a young Chargers Fan and think that they don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to our Bolts, REMEMBER this interview!  The BoltNation is already a force to be reckoned with.  And it is because of true Boltheads, like Jarvis, that it will always continue to be long after I’m gone.

Leave some comments or questions for Jarvis in the comments section at the bottom.  He did a great job and I truly appreciated his interview.  Thanks a lot for reading.


P.S. I would also like to add that this interview and the next couple interviews, for that matter, were done before the passing of Junior Seau.  But I waited to print and just asked Mr. Royall, on Twitter, if he had any words or thoughts on the passing of Junior Seau.  This was his response:

Most definitely! Junior Seau was a great player but an even better man.  I can’t believe the world lost such a great person and player.  I will miss him and I know he is in a better place.  #RIPJS55