Fair Weather Fans


Are you one of those fans that jumps off and back on our Band Wagon depending on the outcome of certain games, certain streaks or certain personnel moves? If so this article is just for you.

First a little bit about me. I was born in and grew up in La Mesa, Ca (for our readers that don’t know, La Mesa is a city in San Diego County). My grandparents came from Ohio in the ‘40s and had a hometown pride for sports. When the Chargers came to San Diego in the ‘60s their hometown pride went straight to our Bolts. That hometown pride was instilled in me at a very young age and I still hold their teachings to heart to this day.

Fans of other teams across the nation say “San Diego fans are the worst fans”. Why? Well first of all San Diego is a military town, so there are plenty of other fans from across the nation based in S.D. and they buy tickets to The Murph (or Qualcomm as it’s called now). Second the weather is awesome, I mean you can go surfing and skiing all in the same day, so some fans would be more obliged to do something else on Sundays. I get it.

Then there those fans who get their panties in a bunch when we loose or have other issues with the team. They sell their tickets to Raiders fans, Broncos fans ECT. To me they have no hometown pride and are just concerned with the money they spent on the tickets and don’t care about the rest of us by sticking us next to those unruly Raiders fans. But when the Bolts go on a winning streak and make it back to the playoffs, there they are, just like they never left. They call an optimistic fan a “DREAMER”. That is why across the nation WE as a hole are called horrible fans.

I know what it’s like to not be happy with my Bolts, I went to every game during the 1-15 season. I Hated Mike Riley and was very mad when Marty Schottenheimer got fired/quit, I was even very disappointed that AJ and Norv weren’t fired at the end of this last season, but I still have hope for MY team and BELIVE that every year is our year!

I know that we all have our own opinions weather they are right or wrong. I respect that, but to call another fan a “dreamer” or “stupid” because they don’t have the same negative beliefs as you is just plain wrong and mean spirited. There is no reason for it, go ahead disagree with the optimistic fans, as they will disagree with you, but do it in a respectable way.

G0 ahead, jump off the band wagon and don’t come back!!