Josh Linam Joins The Chargers and Papa Shares His Thoughts


Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Sometimes I wonder who jumps onto Bolt Beat to read our articles. When I first took over this site, a couple of seasons ago, I don’t think anyone was reading anything and even my friends kind of just passed through. I would put a poll up and would get a response from 7 people. Whoever those random 6 people are, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

More and more, I have noticed that people are finding our posts  and good things are happening. We have had players join in on the comments section and other different opportunities for the site. Today we have one of our newest undrafted free agent signing’s father send me an email about how proud he is for his son. Josh Linam was signed by the Chargers on Saturday and here is the email sent to me from Papa Linam:

I am very excited for my son Josh Linam,


Josh played in 50 games for UCF, started 25 at middle linebacker, 6’2 243, he was co-team captain, 2 years as CUSA All Academic Team, and COSIDA-ESPN All Academic Team, a very special young man who works as hard or harder than anyone on the field!!He made 17 tackles in a game vs Houston in 2010, and was UCF outstanding defensive player in 2010 Liberty Bowl win over Georgia!!

We expected a 6-7 round draft pick, but extremely excited about Josh’s PFA signing with the San Diego Chargers. I was a 1975 All CIF Guard-Lineman from Castle Park HS, Chula Vista-who signed a full scholarship with Bill Curry-Georgia Tech, wanted to play at SDSU, but parents were moving Florida and would not allow me to sign for Claude Gilbert-Otto Kofler. I was at GT for 2 years and then came back to SD and played for Southwestern College-All Mission Conference Lineman for Bob Mears-Mike Pompa-signed a full scholarship to New Mexico, stayed one year then went to FSU with Coach Bowden. Ended up playing for 5 AFA teams and free agent with NO Saints 1982. I signed with Boston Breaker USFL in 1982. I have been a teacher/coach now for 29 years!

Josh had 165 tackles in 2 years as starter and 20 TFL, 3 int.3 FF

He will do a great job and we are so proud of him!!

We look forward to seeing Josh out on the field in the preseason and we just want the kid to bring the lumber and lay some people out on defense!!!

He will have to excel in the special teams, so he better be good friends with Coach Rich! We have a good track history of developing undrafted free agents and we hope that we find a few studs from this class.

Papa Linam, good luck to your son and we will be rooting him on! Keep us updated on how he is doing in camp!