More Info On Chargers DE/LB Melvin Ingram


I have been all over google checking out information on our newest playmaker. I know that he can do a standing backflip and dunk a basketball with his football gear on. I know that he is a sweet ride that the cops will definitely notice:

PLEASE STAY OFF THE STREETS OF PB MELVIN!!! Give me a call and I will give you a ride!

Here are a few more of the highlights that I got through in my google research:

Denver LB Von Miller criticized Robert Griffin III, but had nothing but praise for Melvin.

“Every player in the draft has their knocks. His just happens to be … where do you play him? In my opinion, he can play both (positions). He can play almost anywhere”

“I think he can play defensive end, he can rush in the middle sometimes, kind of like a hybrid, I think he can do some of the things I did last year, maybe more.”

I hope that Melvin can put some pressure on some quarterbacks like Von Miller did!!!

Here is a snippet from the scouting report over at

Garnet and Black Attack


Melvin Ingram is far from a perfect prospect, but his speed, versatility, and raw athleticism will empower a creative defensive mind to employ him at a number of positions to take full advantage of his skills, much as South Carolina did in his senior season. Like all of the Gamecocks’ other top draft prospects, there are some aspects of Melvin’s game that make you curious as to how well his game will translate to the next level, but his ability to excel in a variety of schemes give him a pretty high floor as a prospect.

So you’re saying that Melvin is a physical freak, but someone (JOHN PAGANO) has to be able to use him to the best of his abilities. We have to get him in the right situations and let him develop into a dominant player. Check out that scouting report for more good info.

Melvin didn’t burst onto the scene in SC. He was a slacker and needed a good kick in the pants. He got that good kick in the pants from his defensive line coach Brad Lawing. Here is what he had to tell him:

“You’ve got tons of ability, but you don’t practice hard,” Lawing recalled telling Ingram. “You seem very disinterested. You’re going back to Rockingham if this continues, because after college, that’s where you’re headed. You’re not going to earn a degree, because of the way you’re approaching school. As a football player, when you play your last college snap, that’s going to be it. It’s going to be a shame to waste all that ability you’ve got.”

Ingram listened and changed. He graduated in December and maximized his final two seasons as a USC defensive end, leading the Gamecocks with nine sacks as a junior and 10 as a senior. Lawing still remembers the day, at some point during the past two seasons, when Ingram looked at him and said, “You know, a man can make a lot of money playing this game, can’t he?” –  The Post and Courier

We have to keep this kid motivated and working hard!!!

It will be up to John Pagano and the coaching staff to make this kid a playmaker. He is a superior athlete and will need to get the motivation and mentoring from his coaching staff and teammates, but has the ability to make some game changing plays for us. We can just put the kid all over the field and give him opportunities to make plays.