Roundtable: Who Should The San Diego Chargers Select In The Draft?


I feel like it has been forever since we have had a roundtable post around here! Since the draft is wetting our appetites for some football, we brought back the roundtable to share the thoughts of our writers on who we think the Chargers should draft today!

Check out what the crew had to say:

Carlos Rivas1st Round DE Courtney Upshaw or DE Nick Perry.  I also see WR Jarius Wright  on the 4th or 5th maybe 6th round

ChargerGirl CindiOn Defense I would love to see us pickup Quinton Coples, Zack Brown or Morris Claiborne.  Actually, there are so many great kids available for defense that if we don’t get a few I will be crushed. On Offense I would expect us to pick up some kids on the line.  Kalil will be scooped up quickly as he is a beast and I would not be surprised to see him go 3rd overall.  I’m about to start on a ramble, but there is so much talent and size available in this draft that even AJ Smith can’t screw it up.  (ps.  AJ if you are reading this, move up in the draft and get Kalil!)

Randy MainwaringI would like Melvin Ingram because he’s versatile. They keep saying he has short arms. That’s ridiculous. So what. That won’t hinder him one bit. It hasn’t so far. My next choice would be Nick Perry out of USC, if Ingram isn’t available. I’m not sold on Whitney Mercilus as he’s a one year wonder so I’ll have to go with Chandler Jones. In the second round I would like to see a safety or a CB. Third round maybe a safety, CB or LB. Fourth round I think we could go offensive line or running back. I would love to see Ronnie Hillman in a Charger uni.

Phil LamAssuming Melvin Ingram (the top pass rusher) and Mark Barron (the top safety) aren’t available, the Chargers should draft Nick Perry with their 1st pick.  Any fan who remembers watching opposing QBs sit back, scan the field, make a drink and pick apart the Chargers on 3rd downs last year realizes their pass rush was terrible.

I wouldn’t mind if the Chargers jumped back into the 1st round later to draft Harrison Smith.  If they can come out of this draft with Perry and Smith those would be two huge “gets”.  If they can’t get Smith, I like Brandon Taylor out of LSU.  While he isn’t as celebrated as Smith, he was a leader on that vaunted LSU defense.   From what I hear he, like Smith, has some ball skills, is capable of laying a lick on someone and would be a good “in the box” safety.

For rounds 3-7 the Chargers would just need to draft for depth.  My philosophy is that you can find quality OL, DL and RB in the mid/late rounds.  AJ Smith needs to regain his magic and find players late who not only make the team but start or become key contributors .

BoogaI love lamp

All joking aside, I’ve written ad naseum who I would like us to take in the draft.

I just don’t want another draft where I hear the name of our first round pick announced and my wife asks, “Who’s that?, and I have to reply, ” That’s a guy who was projected to go in round 3 or 4!!”

We really have to nail this draft! Philip isn’t getting any younger and I really believe that this could be the year if we have a great draft.  We have to get an instant, impact player in the first round without a doubt.  Preferably two or three throughout the entire draft.  We’d like ALL of our picks to be immediate contributors but that is not realistic.

Despite not making the playoffs the last two years, I truly believe that we are extremely close to getting the job done and winning a Superbowl!

As far as the draft is concerned, we begin to find out tomorrow! I don’t care if this sounds lame but I am sooooo nervous.  I truly don’t get nervous about hardly anything.  I used to sing in front of tons of people and not once was I this nervous.

and finally we get to my picksI honestly have gone back and forth and then back again on who I want to see us get in this draft. I have fallen in love with SS Mark Barron! He is the guy I WANT!!!! Everyone else in my opinion is secondary!

If we have to go pass rusher in the first, I want Dont’a Hightower. He somehow has pushed himself above Upshaw, Perry and Mercilus on my list. Not above Ingram, but definitely would be at the top of my board. I guess I got some Bama fever.

Just some random names that I wouldn’t mind hearing in Bolts uniforms: Shea McClellin (only in the second), Vinny Curry, Lavonte David, Ronnie Hillman, LaMichael James, Chris Rainey, Sean Spence, Miles Burris, Ryan Lindley

Now, your selections?