San Diego Chargers 1st Rd Draft Cluster


The fact that I can’t sleep at night has a lot to do with an insomnia issue.  Of course, all of us who share insomnia would rather be able to sleep just like you people that don’t have insomnia.  Well, to be quite honest, NOT THIS TIME OF YEAR!

This is draft time people!! And it just so happens that this is THE most pivotal draft, that comes to mind, for the Bolts in recent memory.

Mr. A.J. Smith and Mr. Norval Turner have definitely heard the callings for their heads in the past year or longer.  I’d say that they are very aware that on the hot seat is an understatement, as far as their employment with the Chargers is concerned.  How do you perform when your job is on the line?  I feel like in this economy we have all, at some time, been informed that there will be “cuts” made at some point.  Pressure is not only implied, yet, applied very seriously in all facets of your decision making while either on or off the job.

Sorry to rag on the economy.  That’s a different story for a different forum.  My wife and I moved to Charlotte to be closer to her family.  And it just so happens, my wife found a great job as an underwriter.  I now have the best job in all of the lands. And if you don’t believe me, I WILL FIGHT YOU!  (Another Ron Burgundy reference)  I am now a stay-at-home dad.  My wife is worth WAAAYYY more than I am in the “workplace.”

Although we had the best daycare provider back “home” in Pam Warneka, of Walla Walla, I certainly don’t feel like you get that lucky twice.  She was a literal god-send.  She figuratively fell into our laps.  Not feeling confident that we could find another Pam, my wife and I decided I would stay home with the kids. My kids miss her, Fred, and Landon soooo much.  But both Kayden and Mekyah seem to be happy enough to settle with me. ?

Why am I talking about, Pam Warneka, the best daycare provider in the history of daycare? Well, that’s simple.  Does A.J. feel lucky enough to have another draft fall right into his lap?  Pam fell right into our laps completely by chance.

This isn’t 2004.  I can’t imagine another player’s daddy refusing to allow them to sign with the Chargers.  Which, in turn, would allow us to draft him anyway and you all know the rest of the story.  There also isn’t the 2001 type scenario.  He is not going to find another Vick type stud that will put pressure on a team that needs said player to cut a deal for the Bolt’s pick.  Thus forcing them to hook us up with a blockbuster deal.  I am aware that both of those drafts had the Bolts picking at number one.  My point is A.J. isn’t likely to get lucky enough to have a situation similar to those two drafts this year.

This one is all on A.J.’s ability to do his thing.  I don’t care what all the naysayers think about A.J. I don’t agree with some of his draft picks but who cares what I think.  My guess is A.J. doesn’t care at all. I truly believe he will make this draft his “B.”  His best!

In my opinion, A.J. will have to go out of his way to blow this draft.  Many impact players will be available to us in the first round of this draft.  The first round will help enable him to maintain the “cluster” idea of which he has made clear is one of his strongest draft rules. He forms clusters of players that will fall to the point at where the Chargers pick in each individual round.  It is not only a safe, sound strategy; it would seem it could help him avoid taking a guy that he isn’t that high on drafting. ( This is where I can see quite a few people saying, “Well, he must have been high when drafted Buster Davis!”)

This article will focus on what I believe is the first round cluster that A.J. will have in mind.  He literally couldn’t care less what anyone has to say about his choices in anything he does that is football related.  But I have decided to give it a shot anyway.

1st Round Cluster:

Mark Barron ( I have him at the top because I don’t believe the talk of him is a smokescreen.  This sounds like the guy that A.J. covets most!)

Luke Kuechly ( Before you tell me he won’t be available, that isn’t the point of this article.  You have to be ready for any scenario.)

Melvin Ingram

Fletcher Cox ( The best d-lineman in this draft class, in my opinion.)

Quinton Coples ( Motor issues and taking plays off concerns me. But the guy is a physical freak.)

Courtney Upshaw ( Not my choice, but remember that I am listing guys A.J. could have in his cluster.)

David DeCastro ( I really hope we go defense in the first rd but I don’t think A.J. would pass on DeCastro if he falls to #18.)

Donta Hightower ( A.J. loves versatile football players.  Hightower can play both inside and outside in a 3-4.  He has proven he can get after the quarterback too. Big dude at 6-4, 260.)

Nick Perry ( This is who I have been “banging the table” for us to pick.  There is a possibility of moving down a couple spots taking Perry and use that extra pick as ammo to move up into late first, early second and get Harrison Smith. )

Stephon Gilmore

Michael Brockers

Harrison Smith ( I know that 18 would be too early for Smith.  Does A.J. agree?  I am going insane waiting for this draft tomorrow, by the way!!)

Whitney Mercilus

Dre Kirkpatrick ( Big, Physical CB that might be nice to have considering Peyton Manning is now in the AFC West.)

Cordy Glenn

Shea McClellin ( Like Harrison Smith, would #18 be too early to take Shea?)

This is how I view the Chargers cluster of first round picks might look like.  If I have left someone off please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this article.  There are only a couple of guys on this list that I would be upset if the Bolts selected them in tomorrow’s draft.  But I could also justify each pick, as well. We’ll all know soon enough.  Thanks a lot for reading.

Be sure to come to tomorrow for the draft.  Our Editor has something for staff and readers alike to participate in concerning draft day.