Fan Perspective with Robert Duran


Let’s do this! In this edition of Fan Perspective I asked that our “newest found” Bolthead, do a “letter” to the fans of the Chargers!  Robert is a seriously devoted husband and father.  He totally digs our Chargers.  I actually found him while on twitter.  He and I both follow @LeRon_McClain on twitter.  I liked one of his one of his replies and checked out his twitter bio.  After seeing how obvious it was that he was a diehard, I tweeted him and asked him if he would be interested in doing an interview.  And that’s the story and I’m sticking to it.  And now, here’s Robert’s story.  Enjoy!

Hello, my fellow Bolt Fans!My name is Robert Duran. I currently reside in northern California with my wife and 4 kids. Yes folks, I’m obviously a busy man but I still make time for some football especially Bolts football!!I became a Bolts fan at a very young age. It’s safe to say it started in my diaper stage!! My step-dad loved the Chargers.  I still remember watching Fouts and Joiner on T.V like it was yesterday. I have several favorite players.  Joiner and Harrison are my all-time favorites. Growing up, I always had a passion for sports and Chargers!! I never played football as a child. My parents said I was too small. Not to mention they would also tell me it would cost too much.

I played baseball for North Park and Oak Park little league for a few years. I also played soccer in a La Mesa league. As a teenager, though my passion for sports turned a different direction, my parents moved me from Diego and I headed down a dark path.

With that being said! I had to persevere, yet I did struggle along the way. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m just grateful to be alive and be a role model and good example for my children.

My two older boys Emanuel 14 and Gabriel 13 play football. So, I live vicariously through them. ?  It makes me proud to see how well they play and carry themselves. My youngest son Anthony is 7 and just started baseball. As for my youngest, Colleen is 6 and wants to play roller derby, lol!My wife thinks that I have an obsession issue due to me constantly checking twitter. And then there’s the whole watching NFL network all the time. Plus, the time I spend online checking Bolt Beat, Bleacher report, and other web sites. But, I tell her it’s a passion! Even though I follow football, collect football cards of favorite players, etc. it’s a serious love that I have for my team that will continue for many years to come!

Well, I hope that’s not too much about me! Time to talk some Charger football!!

I’m very excited for the Draft. I do hope AJ does hold his word about filling holes on the defensive side of the ball!  As a fan, I think that the 2nd round pick should be Harrison Smith SS out of Notre Dame. I don’t know if he will be there when we pick in the second round though. I really think he would make an instant impact on the field.  Not to mention his presence in the secondary along side Weddle. Now for the 3rd round pick, which I hope he might slip past 2nd round, is Trumaine Johnson CB out of Montana. I believe this dude would be good fit for the Bolts. If that is completely off then my other guess in the 3rd round would be LaMichael James, RB from Oregon. Remember fellow Bolt Fans I’m no expert.  But I did some homework. Hope you enjoyed reading this!!My boys and I are doing a mock draft and will post it the day of the Draft. So please follow me, BoltBeat, and @BoogaP on twitter.Most importantly, BoogaP, thank you for this opportunity!!Bolts 4 life!!! #Bolt Up!!!

Robert, I am the one who would like to thank you.  Not only did he accept the interview but he immediately followed me on Twitter.

These Fan Perspective articles are about a lot of different things.  One is having the opportunity to get to know other Boltheads.  And it has been, and will always be, amazing to do so.  But it is mostly about giving fans a forum to come out and say what they think.  I love commenting at the bottom of ALL of the articles on  Some of the most “interesting” conversations happen in the comments section.  But what Fan Perspective proves is that we not only have an opinion, but that we might just know what we are talking about.  It’s a way to ensure that your voice on the Chargers will be heard. We may not be privy to all the “underground” evaluations and gametape but we do what we can with what we have.  And one of the best things that we have is each other.

If you think that you would be interested in being featured in an upcoming Fan Perspective article, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter @BoogaP or email me at

Thanks for reading! It is now 4:23 am here inCharlotte, NC.  I’M OUT!!  The Chargers future 3-4 nose tackle, my son Kayden, will be awake in an hour and a half or so.



P.S. That silly little draft thing keeps getting closer and closer…..