Fan Perspective with Ricky Rosa


Alright folks, here we go with the third installment of Fan Perspective.  In my attempts to find the “truest” of Boltheads, now and in the future, I will be giving anyone and everyone a chance to say what they have to say.  All of our voices deserve to be heard and respected,  for that matter.

That leads us to part one of two Fan Perspective interviews for the evening.  In part one I had the pleasure of emailing with Ricky Rosa.  He happens to be a MAJOR Bolthead!! Don’t let his age fool you.  This guy knows Chargers.

As I told him it used to drive me nuts, when I was younger, that people would “de-value” or flat out ignore my opinion of our San Diego Chargers.  You either know football or you don’t.  We either gain more knowledge or maintain the same amount over the years.  We keep bringing in new information which helps us maintain the same level of info although it happens to be different.  Some people have accused me of only knowing the Bolts in the L.T. era.  Grab a sweater and chill folks! Give me a break.  Sit back and relax as I bring some insight from one of the younger Chargers fans that knows what he has is worth something to all of us.

When reading this, remember what you used to feel like when “older folks” completely ignored what you had to say because of your age.

Fan Perspective is not meant to have an age limit.  Do not be shy to hit me up because you are young.  If nobody else gets it; I certainly go out of my way to do so.

On that note here we go!  By the way, Ricky will be joining me via phone call on draft day because of his Charger knowledge and draft day evaluations.  He wants us to just “get it over with” and trade up to twelve, with Seattle, and take Quinton Coples.  Other than that point the dude gets it!  ?  LOL!!

BoogaP:  State your name.

Ricky:  Ricky Rivers Rosa.  Yeah, that truly is my middle name.  And, yes, he is my fav player. We’ll get on that later, lol.

BoogaP:  Love it.  Confidence not cockiness.  I can confirm that as a fact from talking with you briefly on the phone.

BoogaP:  How long have you been a Bolthead and where did your love for the team come from?

Ricky:  I was born a Chargers fan.  That makes for 15 years of “Boltdom.” My father was in the Navy.  He was stationed in San Diego.  Just so happens that he met my mother in Diego.  Poof!  You know the rest of the story.  At my mother’s baby shower, for me being born, she got a Lil Tikes Junior Seau jersey and I was wearing it as soon as I got home!  That’s where it started.

BoogaP: My father was a marine and my sister was born in La Mesa.

BoogaP:  Knowing the discipline I learned from playing football at a young age, plus the whole marine dad thing, in your case Navy thing,  do you play football?  Not necessarily just organized team football.

Ricky:  Yes, I play for my highschool team.  I play the skill positions on offense and almost all positions on defense except for CB.  I play backyard, street, and even church basement football! That whole church basement football is a setup for another day.

BoogaP:  Nothing but respect but you have never hit or been hit like me dude! Just kidding, kinda!

BoogaP:  Who is your favorite player?

Ricky:  Although I have a few, I would have to say Philip Rivers.  I truly believe in my gut that he will lead us to a Superbowl victory sooner rather than later! I, also, really like Shaun Phillips.  He is an impact player, obviously, and he kind of reminds me of what I remember from Seau in the sense that he just seems to make the right plays all the time.

BoogaP:  Although I can’t compare Seau to Phillips, I totally understand what you’re getting at!

BoogaP:  How do you feel about what the Chargers have done in Free Agency?

Ricky:  Despite what we have all become accustomed to in free agency, as far as AJ is concerned, we have been very aggresive this year,  in my opinion.  I am really excited about the additons of Meachem and Royal at the WR position.  But I do have to admit that I am bummed about the loss of Vincent Jackson.  Not much you can do about a guy wanting more money over the opportunity to win.  On defense, I am really pleased with the signing of Jarret Johnson.  We, obviously, have a lot of holes to fill on defense.  That is where the draft comes in.

BoogaP:  Well put bro.  Speaking of the draft, do you think we should take Perry if we stay put at #18?

Ricky:  Yeah, if we stay at 18. I still want to trade up! lol.  I want to trade with Seattle up to #12 and take Coples.  I, also, wouldn’t mind Upshaw.

BoogaP:  Where will you be for the draft?  When I was your age we didn’t get the coverage that you have available to you now.

Ricky:  I will be at home watching the draft with my dad.  He gets bored by the fourth round, though.  I am watching rounds one through seven!!! Always do!

BoogaP:  Least favorite team?

Ricky: Every team in the AFC WEST plus the Jets.

BooogaP: That being said, who is the player that was the hardest for you to see leave the Bolts?  Can you say segue?

Ricky:  LT….. We all knew he was “done” but it will be sad to see him leave knowing he will  retire with a Canton visit yet not having won a Superbowl.

BoogaP:  Do you own any jerseys?

Ricky:  I own eight jerseys.  I have 2 L.T. jerseys, one Rivers, one Phillips, one Sproles, one Gates, one Seau, and one Humphries.  Looks like I am getting a couple more for my birthday!

BoogaP:  Nice man! I can’t wait for you to se the video of me in my “BoltCave!!!!”  Number of jerseys I own will make you go insane!! I am wearing a Scifres jersey during this interview!! LOL!

BoogaP:  Lastly and most importantly, How often do you visit

Ricky:  I visit at least 10-15 times a day!  I even check it out during school! LOL!!  Don’t tell my dad that please. lol

BoogaP:  Despite the weather here in Charlotte pushing this interview out further and further, I rank this one tied with the other two, honestly.  Ricky,  thank you so much for your time and I look forward to talking with you on draft day!

Part two for Fan Perspective for tonight will be up in the next hour or two.  Fan Perspective, where the fans voice not only matters, it is featured in an article about you!!

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Ricky crushed it.  On to the next!  Thanks for reading!