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Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to “Fan Perspective.” The goal of this article, not to mention all of which will follow, is to truly provide the fan with a voice.  I’m a fan as much as anyone.  Quite frankly, I find myself to be the biggest Charger fan ever.  If you are having trouble believing me, I .WILL. FIGHT. YOU.  (Laughing) Obviously, I’m kidding.  All joking aside, I think we as fans all want to have our voices heard.  Not solely in a comment at the bottom of an article but in the spotlight or focus of an article.  We are all “armchair Quarterbacks/ Running backs/ Wide Receivers / Defenders/ Head Coaches/ GMs”, etc.  As a fan I have always wanted to have the “masses” hear what I have to say about our Bolts.  That is why I feel so fortunate to do what I am doing for BoltBeat.  I, in turn, want to provide the same opportunities for others.

This will be an opportunity for you, the fan, to yak Chargers with me and be featured in an article. I will be talking with new fans, old fans, happy fans, and bitter fans.  If you think this is something that you would be interested in being a part of, hit me up on Twitter @BoogaP or send me an email at  Let me know why you think you should have a chance to have your perspective shared with the rest of the Bolt Nation.  I look forward to hearing from all of you and I have a feeling you are all going to love this ish!

In tonight’s “Fan Perspective”, I talked Chargers with @Sam mcc on twitter.  This was actually his idea!  Late last night, while on Twitter, he had mentioned he liked an article and voiced that he liked to talk Chargers.  Jokingly, he tweeted something along the lines of, “you could do a fan interview with me.”  Damn good idea Sam.  Below you will get one fan’s perspective on all things Bolts.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  I sent him a series of questions in which he direct messaged me his answers.  In the future I will be looking to do phone, skype, and in-person interviews as well.  Sam, I would like to thank you, in advance, for taking the time out of your day to do this interview!  Take a minute and check this out.

BoogaP: How long have you been a Bolt Fan and where did the love come from?

Sam: I told my brother that I wanted to like a team and he asked what jersey I liked the best.  So I, of course, told him the powder blues.  So after the 4-12 season in ’04 I have been hooked ever since.

BoogaP: Where are you from and what do you do?

Sam:  I am originally fromJacksonville Florida but now I live in Panama City Beach.  I am currently laid off but when employed I operate heavy equipment.

BoogaP:  Who is your favorite Charger and why?

Sam:  All of the Chargers players are my favorite.  I don’t have just one.

BoogaP: Name one of the more impressive/memorable plays you can think of.

Sam:  I think watching Andrew Gachkar run stride for stride with Richard Goodman on his 105 yard kickoff return against Oakland stands out.  @thegach is a LB and he was with him all the way.

BoogaP:  Who is your least favorite player and why?

Sam:  I would have to say Antonio Cromartie.  He gave up on the Shonn Greene run that led to the Jets winning that playoff game.

BoogaP:  What is your favorite Chargers moment?

Sam:  It would have to be watching L.T. break the single season TD record.  To watch an icon from your favorite team do something so pivotal was priceless!

BoogaP:  Where will you be for the draft?

Sam:  I will be at my brother’s house watching the draft.

BoogaP:  Who are you hoping the Chargers take with their pick in the first round?

Sam:  I hope they take Nick Perry.  USC is known for producing good LBs.

BoogaP:  Linebacker U for a reason!

BoogaP:  How did you feel when the team announced that Norv and A.J. would be coming back for another season?

Sam:  I didn’t feel there was a better coach available than Norv.  After watching A.J. do what he has done in free agency, I was wondering why he hasn’t done this in years past.

BoogaP:  Do you have a prediction for the upcoming season?

Sam:  I predict that we will go 10-6 and win the AFC West.

BoogaP:  What are your Chargers Gameday meal and beverage of choice?

Sam:  I’d have to say hot wings and Bud Light Platinum.

BoogaP:  If there was a particular game that you would like to see this year, what game would it be?

Sam:  I would really like to go to a game at the Q!  Any home game would be my answer.  I have never been to Qualcomm.

BoogaP:  And lastly, How often do you visit  (Wink, Wink ? )

Sam: Everyday.   I have the iPhone app so it notifies me whenever there is new content.  Very informative articles.  I love it.

BoogaP:  Sam I want to thank you very much for sitting down and talking all things Chargers.  I really appreciate your time!  BoltUp!!

Well, there you have it sports fans.  These articles will be late night features.  They will not be coming out at what could be considered “regular” publishing hours. I used to hate scouring the internet late night for new Chargers articles and coming up empty handed.  Plus, this is a laidback deal people.  Feel free to have a drink or two…..or more!  This is for fun and what isn’t fun about talking Bolts and having your voice heard!

Again, if you would like to be featured in the next “Fan Perspective” feel free to hit me up on Twitter @BoogaP or email me at and tell me why you should be up next!

Thanks for reading!