Booga’s All-Bust Team


The Chargers have had their share of superstars. And, like all teams, they have also had their share of flops. We are all aware of the “super busts” but this list will take you on a trip down the memory lane of mediocrity and pain.

Although my list is made up primarily of draft picks, there will indeed be a couple of free agent pickups, trades, etc.

I would like to take a second and remind people that this is my list. You are not going to agree with all, some, or most of the players I have chosen. That’s the point. I like to talk Bolts. I LOVE to talk Bolts, actually. This list is sure to give us all something to talk about.

Feel free to leave comments at the bottom about your “Busted-Bolts” and let me know who I might have left out.

QB) Ryan Leaf (For obvious reasons, this one was too easy)

RB) Leon Burns ( 1st rd in 1971 did nothing)

FB) Jermaine Fazande ( Tried to convert him to RB, fail)

WR) David Boston ( No wonder A.J. doesn’t like to spend $ on “big-name F.A.s)

WR) Buster Davis ( The name says it all )

WR) Mikhael Ricks ( Ended up a TE )

TE) Deems May ( Only 26 career receptions )

T) James Fat….I mean, Fitzpatrick

T) Jeff Walker (3rd rounder was only a Bolt 1 yr)

G) Toniu Fonoti ( Too bad he couldn’t play as well as he could fight)

G) Raleigh Roundtree

C) Mark Markovich ( At least his parents had a sense of humor. Drafted in ’74, never started a game)

DE) Ray Woodard (’84 draft Never did anything)

DE) Marcellus Wiley ( Super-stoked when we picked him up. Super let down when he stepped on the field)

DT) George Thornton

DT) Keith Guthrie (’84 draft)

OLB) Chip Banks ( One and done with the Chargers)

OLB) Larry English ( Please prove me wrong Larry!!

ILB) Matt Wilhelm ( He was a Charger for far too long, imo)

ILB) Anthony Waters

CB) Sammy Davis ( I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

CB) Wayne Davis (’85 draft.  2 INT in 2 yrs not much for a 2nd rd pick. Bounced around a little with Buffalo and Washington)

S) Rogers Beckett

S) Terrence Kiel ( Glad we were able to get him and Davis instead of Polamalu. I’m being sarcastic, Mike Tuck.)

K) Dennis Partee ( Doubled as a K and P. Not great but a decent punter.  As a Kicker he left a lot to be desired. Partee had a career fg % of 58.7. No thanks)

P) Maury Buford

And the entire 1996 draft!!!

GM) Steve Ortmayer ( Raider Spy! Not putting A.J. here although I could have just to appease the haters.  Beathard could be runner-up due to penchant to throw away 1st rd picks.)

Coach) Mike “Smiley” Riley(Gilbride is the runner-up.  Well, there are quite a few that could contend for runner-up. No, I am not even considering Turner here. )

Well, there you have it.  Chargers teams have featured a lot of studs and a lot of duds.  Who did I leave out?  Let me know at the bottom. Thanks for reading.