Bringing in a JJ while losing a JJ??


I, for one, am very excited about the recent acquisition of Jarret Johnson. I really think he will bring great leadership and physicality. He is more of a “let your play do the leading” kind of guy. That is what San Diego needs.

In saying that, I’m not writing this to talk about Jarret. You are probably saying, “this idiot must have meant to put VJ instead of JJ!” No, it was intentional.

When former Chargers’ receiver John Jefferson left San Diego for Green Bay his game/ability did not continue to ascend as most would have expected. Going All-Pro three consecutive years (1978, 1979, and 1980) coupled with countless highlight acrobatic catches, one would have believed that, well, the sky was the limit for the high-flying wide-out. When JJ left San Diego he left behind a Hall of Fame QB, a Hall of Fame TE, a Hall of Fame WR, and a coach who should be in the stinking Hall of Fame too!! Coryell is smiling down looking at this “passing league” he helped create; I know it! Although JJ made the probowl in 1982 while playing for the Packers, he just wasn’t the same without that team and that system.

Bring in Vincent Jackson. Vincent has two things that neither a team nor a system can help or teach. Those two things are: Height and size. At 6’5″ 230 lbs., when completely motivated, VJax will still be able to go up and get the ball in Tampa Bay. But there is no Philip Rivers in TB. There is no Gates. Heck, no Mathews, who i think is going to “kill it” with McClain in there. There is no Turner, either. Although I scream at the TV during two minute drills and at some playcalling, I love Turner’s system. Sling it. That is unless it’s first down. ( Insert running back here) up the middle. Just kidding…… kinda…

I truly believe Jackson will have some success in Tampa Bay. I also feel that he will really miss having our players and our system. I am no where near sold on Josh Freeman. Blount is a complete headcase. K2 is no where near the dubious comment he made years ago about being better than his father. Mike Williams seems to be a pretty good receiver but I’ll take Floyd in that debate. Yes, even an injury prone Malcom.

Our record the last two years does not lead one to believe that we are “on our way up.” This offseason, however, does just that very thing. In addition to that, we HAVE to be better! A.J. HAS to “GM” better. Norv HAS coach better. If not, maybe they can go dress in pewter with the former Bolt #83.

It will be interesting to see if the same thing that happened to JJ…… happens to VJ.

Thanks for reading!

Bolt Up!!