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After watching our beloved Bolts have what is arguably the best free agency period in all of the NFL, I feel the urge to “keep adding” to this serious Superbowl contender. I am not going to pull a Rex Ryan by guaranteeing a superbowl victory and putting my foot in my mouth….. (See what I did there? :)) …but, I am very pleased with what A.J. and company has done up to this point.

Although we still need depth on both fronts, it seems to me like the biggest signings of free agency have been completed. Not to mention the fact that we truly need a second-string RB. I read that Tolbert is visiting Pittsburgh today. Ugh! Not sure I am excited about the thought of bringing in Jackie Battle to fill that spot either as being reported by some. Decent back but lacking in pass-catch ability and pass-blocking.

So here it is! I am doing my mock a little bit different than most in that I will be providing two choices at each pick that “wouldn’t hurt my feelings” and fill needs for the Chargers. Let me know what you think by commenting at the bottom. I like to see people “listening” but would prefer for you all to comment! I truly love talking about the Chargers and want to hear what you all think!

1st Round) Nick Perry OLB 6’3″ 271 USCWhitney Mercilus OLB 6’4″ 260 ILLINOIS

Although we added JJ, we still desperately need a strong athletic pass-rusher to come off the edge and wreak havoc in the backfield. Perry is a beast and although he would prefer to stay in a 4-3, scouts are practically unanimous in saying that he is athletic enough to stand up in a 3-4. It doesn’t hurt that our newly appointed LB coach, Joe Barry, was in the same position at USC.  Meaning with that comes a bit of familiarity for Perry.   Mercilus finally put it all together last year leading FBS with 16 sacks after having only two in the previous two seasons combined. More impressive to me though would be the 9 forced fumbles! One year wonder? If it were me, and I heard that, I would be even further motivated to get it done! Plus, Mercilus just sounds like a pass rusher.

2nd Round) Harrison Smith SS 6’2″ 213 Notre DameGeorge Iloka S 6’3″ 220 Boise StateThe signing of Bigby at safety certainly doesn’t mean that we won’t be drafting one come April. Smith is the second rated SS by most accounts in what most are calling a mediocre SS class. Smith, although not without flaws, is a solid football player who flashes ability but is a bit inconsistent. That is where Weddle comes into the picture. Weddle would serve as a great mentor although he plays FS. Which, by the way, in today’s NFL the safety positions are becoming one in the same. Let’s face it that this league is now a passing league. Spread ’em out and sling it. Two-tight ends, Four wideouts, etc., seem to dominate most formations in NFL playbooks now. That being said, Iloka played FS, SS, and even CB for Boise State. He has great size and is very versatile. Plus he is very athletic for being just shy of 6’4″.

3rd Round) Chris Rainey RB 5’8″ 180 FloridaRonnie Hillman RB 5’9″ 200 SDSUThis just in…..Rivers missed Sproles! We’re all with you Philip. I don’t believe there is another “Sproles” in this year’s draft (or any draft for that matter) but I really like Rainey’s versatility and the local kid Hillman put on 10 lbs of muscle and still ran well at the combine. Rainey is the better pass catcher but Hillman is a tougher runner.  Rainey even has the ability to line up in the slot.  I would be pleased if either one of these guys end up being drafted by our team.

4th Round)  Ladarius Green TE 6’6″ 238 Louisiana-Lafayette

Michael Egnew TE 6’5″ 252 Missouri

Neither one of these guys are Antonio Gates but I would love for them to learn from the best TE in NFL history.  Yeah, I said it.  Just an opinion.  Green is extremely athletic and ran a 4.53 at the combine.  Egnew is a converted wide receiver and ran a 4.62 in the forty.  Neither are great blockers but both would be great picks in the fourth round.

5th Round)  Matt Reynolds OT 6’5″ 310 BYU

Andrew Datko OT 6’6″ 315 Florida State

This is the fifth round but I really hope the Chargers don’t wait much later than this to provide young depth on the o-line.  Reynolds is a wide-bodied tackle who provides a good base in pass-blocking and quick punch in the run game.  He tends to stand straight up but is still good against the bullrush.  Datko is a mobile tackle that is lacking in the nastiness department but an intriguing prospect that has a lot of upside.

6th Round)  Kellen Moore QB 6’0″ 197 Boise State

Patrick Witt QB 6’4″ 225 Yale

Kellen Moore doesn’t know how to lose.  He is the winningest QB in college football history.  He completed roughly 73% of his passes over the last two seasons.  Although he doesn’t have the strongest arm, I would love to give Norv the opportunity to take a closer look at this kid.  I know that he is only 6’0″.  I don’t care.  The guy is a coach’s son and knows the game.  Witt transferred from Nebraska to Yale and passed up an opportunity to interview for the Rhodes Scholarship so that he could play against rival Harvard.  I am aware of the New York times story that was later retracted and admitted to be unproven and unfair reporting.  I do not want to give it any life by taking it any further. The guy was fairly accurate with a strong arm and has great size for the position.

7th Round)  Ron Brooks CB 5’10” LSU

Desmond Marrow CB 6’2″ Toledo

Brooks can flat out fly.  He is over looked in what is one of the strongest secondaries in all of college football.  Although being overshadowed by the likes of Mathieu, Claiborne, and Taylor, when Brooks was on the field he was making plays.  All three of his interceptions in his college career were returned for touchdowns.  He would be a great 5th corner and special teamer for the Bolts.  Marrow runs a 4.49 and takes advantage of his size in coverage.  Better at zone than man and shouldn’t be left alone out there.  Has football bloodlines in that his dad played at Wisconsin and his uncle played for both the Bills and Panthers.

Undrafted guys: David Paulson TE 6’3″ 246 Oregon, Josh Oglesby T 6’7″ 336 Wisconsin,  Brandon Hardin CB/S 6’2″ 216 Oregon St., Miles Burris  LB 6’2″ 246 SDSU,  and Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT 6’2″ 335 Baylor

You still awake?  Just kidding! Hope you like it and please let me know what you think!!  Thanks for reading!