The Greg One’s Vincent Jackson rant


The Chargers are notoriously quiet in the offseason. Alarmingly, undeniably, erroneously quiet. The clock has officially started for the new league year. Free agency has set in. Like each of the last four seasons, premium stars walk out the door because AJ Smith doesn’t want to pay the big bucks. Last season it was Darren Sproles. The year before it was Ladainian Tomlinson. The year before it was Michael Turner. And on and on…

The clock keeps ticking(Tick tock….)Premium talent keeps leaving(Tick tock…)

When AJ didn’t pony up the money necessary to keep Vincent Jackson with a long term deal of another franchise deal the writing was on the wall. Knowing the line forming at Jackson’s door, if the Chargers didn’t sign Jackson before the new league year started he was as good as gone. As sure as the sun rises, VJ was signed by Tampa Bay on day one and the Chargers got nothing for him. Premium talent walks out the door…

(Tick tock…)

This team is not being run like a championship caliber team. Championship teams replace their departing pieces with better pieces. Last season the Chargers biggest offseason additions were Travis Laboy and Takeo Spikes. Perhaps the brass misread the blueprint to success. Replace departed parts with better pieces, not OLDER pieces! As a devoted Charger fan, this moonwalk through mediocrity is making my stomach turn. Philip Rivers talent is being wasted because management is not keeping him surrounded with weapons. Yes they resigned Malcolm Floyd. Aside from rookies, who else has made a difference at wideout? Gates played through pain all season as did Jackson. Without those two the Chargers would have finished in the cellar. Where are all the uber-talented YOUNG players? This team is getting older than the Boston Celtics!

(Tick tock…)Vincent Jackson has far and away been the best receiver on this teams for years and despite the off the field issues, he produces year in and year out on the field. Jackson dominated some of the best teams in the league this season. The Bears, Packers and Patriots games jump to mind. Jackson shredded those defenses for multiple touchdowns and huge yards. He went over 1000 yards on only 60 receptions. The man has always been a big time player. If you’re going to let him go, get something in return! AJ knew he wasn’t going to resign him from the moment the ink dried on last season’s franchise tag. The Chargers could have added pieces for him at the trade deadline that could have made the one game difference in getting into the playoffs. The fact that Jackson was allowed to walk while he’s in is prime is deplorable! Its taking your eye off the ball. Its keeping your head in the sand. Tampa Bay signed Jackson to a five year deal averaging 11 million a season. The franchise tag was almost 14 million last season for Jackson. You were getting a freaking DISCOUNT AJ! All could have been made right if Aj could swallow his ego and write the check. Philip Rivers would be more fired up than ever. Now what? Bring in some outsiders and hope for the same magic Jackson had with Philip. Good luck with that!

How in the blue hell Norv Turner and AJ Smith got to keep their jobs is beyond me but you have to believe this is a three strikes and you’re out situation. The strikes being non-playoff seasons. Two down, one more and what choice is there than to fire both? Time to blow the cobwebs off the checkbook and write until you get carpal tunnel AJ! A good place to start is finding a couple solid wideouts to replace Jackson’s production, beef up the offensive line and get a damn pass rusher opposite SP95! Do that, and you will be forgiven. Until then AJ, the feelings of myself and a large percentage of Bolt fans can be summed up by one line from Mr. Garrison from South Park…