Does AJ Smith’s History Point To Chargers Keeping Vincent Jackson?


Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

So what the heck is going on with Vincent Jackson?! Acee says that we are going to try and work something out, then Jason La Canfora says VJ will NEVER be in a Bolts uni again, then Acee writes that article about all kinds of different options that we could have and that VJ is likely out, then we have Michael Lombardo saying that we will do everything we can to keep him around. Did you get all that? So what in tarnation is happening?!

I am all kinds of confused as well and am playing double dutch trying to figure out if we have VJ or not. While in my mixed up state, I started a conversation up with Jared Raskind, a big time Chargers fan and also a phenomenal photographer for Smalls + Raskind, and he pointed this out to me:

I think VJ stays. Yes, media disagrees, but we are gonna have a lot of money to play with and AJ is no stranger to top o’ the market deals.

Do this, forget all media talk and only consider AJ as a GM. Think of players he’s signed to top deals at their position. LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Kris Dielman. Think of guys he’s let go and what he had when he did: Drew Brees (Rivers), Michael Turner (LT), Darren Sproles (Ryan Mathews). Evidence says yes! It’s just my reasoning based on AJ’s style. Also people forget AJ was rough on Gates before giving him his deal. Again it’s his style.

Does AJ’s past actually point towards us keeping our talent in house?! This is something that AJ seems to preach all the time. He wants to make sure that he keeps the talent he has around wearing Chargers colors.

To add onto Jared’s point, we made sure to keep Shaun Phillips, Eric Weddle and Marcus McNeill around when their contracts were up. We played hard ball with McNeill also before we gave him a pay day (but now he is probably gonna get cut).

What players have we let walk without a capable backup available to replace him?  AJ does play hardball, but when he seems to keep talent around when there is no backup available.

What do you all think? Do you agree with Jared’s point?

Anyway, let me pimp out Jared and his photography a little bit. He never asked me to do this, but I have seen his work and it is SICK and I just thought I had to share! Check out his site here: His main focus is celebrity photography and advertising… SO IF you are a Bolts player, hit him up!

Comment on Jared’s point and if you want to comment about his photography, do that as well!  Hopefully we can get him to share more of his thoughts around here and if he brings in a Bolts player for a photo shoot, we can get some sneak peeks on those shots.