Interview with Richard Goodman


I was able to chat with this weeks AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, Richard Goodman.  We spoke of his accomplishments, his desire to succeed and how much he loves being a San Diego Charger.

CG: How do you like being part of the San Diego Chargers?RG: I love it.  The people, the players, the quality of the team and everyone’s eagerness to win.  The weather is the best anywhere.  No humidity.

CG:  The Raiders are our biggest rival.  How did it feel to pull of a 105 yard kickoff return and help win that game?RG:  It was a great accomplishment, to bread a record.  But there were 11 guys out there.

CG:  Who was your biggest football hero when you were a kid?RG:  It wasn’t really a specific guy, it was more like I just loved football and loved play makers.  For college ball it would be Peter Warrick and I loved to watch Deion Sanders play.

CG:  Were you surprised by the fans calling for Norv Turners dismissal?RG:  In my opinion, being around the guy every day, Norv wants to win.  No matter who your head coach is, the goal is still the same, to make the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl.

CG:  What are your plans for the off season?RG:  To get bigger, stronger, faster.

CG:  Are there plans to make you more of an offensive WR or do your coaches think special teams is where you can make the biggest impact?RG:  Both.  You gotta play your part.  I have aspirations to be on the offense and earn that trust.

CG:  Now that the management has seen what an asset you are is there any news on your contract being renewed next month?RG:  Not yet.  My heart is in San Diego and I’m hopeful to keep being a Charger.

CG:  With 936 yards, one touchdown and a return record this season, what are your goals for next season?RG:  These accomplishments feel great.  There were 11 guys out there making those numbers.   But it was awesome.  The sky’s the limit for next season.

CG:  I watched your interview after last weeks game.  You said you did not think the team was on the same page during the previous games where you lost.  What do you think attributed to that lack of team work.RG:  I was only speaking for my unit.  I can’t speak for the defense or offense.  Special teams and the kickoff return unit was not on the same page.  Maybe I cut the wrong way or a block went the wrong way as we were learning to be a unit.  We were all new.  Even our coach.  So, it took time to get to know each other and be a unit.

CG:  What do you think it is going to take for the team will be able to carry the momentum of last game into next season?RG:  We need to finish how we started.  We start with a win, and end with a win.  We are already 1-0 for 2012.

CG:  Is there anything you would like Chargers fans to know about you?RG:  I’m a gym rat.  I like to work out late.  I think it’s weird that I’m there from 6-6 and then I’m right back at 10pm.  I’m in the gym working out and talking to myself.  Not a lot of other guys have that drive.  I have a vision to improve, I’m eager to find an edge and I’m never satisfied.

I look forward to seeing Rich accomplish great things as a San Diego Charger for many years to come.  He has the right attitude and is already looking to be a team leader in his first year.

ChargerGirl Cindi