Chargers Free Agency Shopping List: Laron Landry


There may be some playoff games this weekend, but we don’t care too much about that. We are already looking at the possibilities in free agency and what we can put in our shopping cart. Actually, we probably just want a shopping basket since we know AJ Smith will be back for another season and he doesn’t like getting any of those big items that are available. That still won’t stop us from looking around and window shop.

Since Norv Turner doesn’t think that Quentin Jammer has the skills necessary to switch to safety (DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS), then one of our biggest needs is a strong safety to play opposite of Eric Weddle. Today, we will do a little research on Washington Redskins safety Laron Landry and see if he will fit in with this team. In order to get more insight on Landry, I talked with Kevin Mawyer II from Riggo’s Rag. Here is his take on Landry… remember, he watches Landry every weekend and doesn’t just see the highlight tapes like we do:

LaRon is a capable safety. He’s even a top ten safety, when healthy, in most Redskins fans opinions. Landry’s issues on the field are that he’s sometimes a poor tackler and isn’t exactly Ed Reed when it comes to ball-hawking. He is consistent though. He’ll have strings of ten-tackle games, maybe even a forced fumble. He can also consistently miss tackles, or in the case with Brandon Jacobs- get run over.

Will we be bringing him back?

The outlook is bleak for Landry in DC. We may bring him back, but it’d have to be for less money than what he may be worth to other teams. The Redskins are still thin at safety and Laron may be retained simply for the fact that there aren’t better options available.

His injuries?

I’d say they are a major concern until he can prove otherwise. Landry has had hamstrings, groins and several other minor injuries.

Laron could possibly have a rebirth in a new city, but he’s not necessarily a prime candidate for a defense that needs some major upgrades like San Diego’s.

If I were the GM of the Chargers I would stay away from Laron unless you could get him at a good price. He’s almost certain not to play up to his eventual new deal, no matter where it is.

[Sorry if this seems so negative, but a lot of Skins fans are pissed about this guy being hurt all of the time and when he is on the field, being inconsistent. Hope this helps.]

Well, DANG! I really thought that Landry could be a good fit here, but he sounds like injury prone Bobby Sanders with the tackling skills of Eric Weddle. If Sanders and Weddle had a baby, maybe his name would be Laron Landry. He could be a top 10 safety, but the injuries are holding him back. With our training staff on this team, he for sure will get injured and miss out on half of the season.

Do we want to take that risk again and get burned?