IF AJ and Norv Are Staying, Then Manusky Must Go


So AJ and Norv are sticking around for another season, BUT Chargers fans still want a change to happen. The next person on the firing line is now Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky. He was expected to bring in a more aggressive defense and an attitude on that side of the ball. The defense he left in San Francisco is now one of the best in the league and the defense he picked up has regressed.

Here is what Acee said in his latest mailbag:

I believe they will fire Manusky. Even though the same argument about personnel/injuries that helped save Norv could help save Mansuky, I guess, he was out-coached in many games and there are too many powerful people in the organization that won’t endorse his staying. – Kevin Acee

AJ and Norv are currently evaluating these coaches and we are now on Manusky watch. Will they drop the hammer on him and who could we possibly bring in.

One of the possible candidates we could bring in is Mike Nolan, who recently was the defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. He was also the defensive coordinator for Norv in Washington. I asked the Phin Phanatic Editor for his thoughts on Nolan and here is what he said:

Miami has been mass confusion for the last three years. He runs a blitz heavy defense that really can get to the QB and masks his coverages well. Miami is also one of the best run stopping D’s in the NFL. As for secondary support, hard to say as the personnel in Miami at safety wasn’t very good and the back up corners werent either.

One issue I see is that his halftime adjustments are confusing, but again that could be more of Sparano than Nolan. The D was more aggressive under interim HC Todd Bowles.

He runs a hybrid 3-4/4-3 that he interchanges as needed or as personnel dictates. He can run and execute both, but I think he prefers the 4-3 more, but that’s just an opinion.

I like Nolan and hope he stays.– Brian Miller of Phin Phanatic

There are a few defensive minded head coaches that were recently FIRED that could be options. Coaches like Steve Spagnuolo, Jack Del Rio, Raheem Morris and Romeo Crennel might become available. We could also go with some in-house candidates like John Pagano, who has been offered the DC job in UCLA, or Steve Wilks.

Whoever takes over the job, will have a lot on his plate and the fans will have a lot of expectations for him to bring more pressure and cause more turnovers. We want a change and Manusky is next on our list!