Lions Def. Coordinator Says Vincent Jackson Pushes Off Every Play


Gunther Cunningham is the defensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions. Before that he spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs and he knows a lot about the players on our offense. He was recently asked some questions about our offense and here is what he had to say:

His thoughts on Vincent Jackson:

“Jackson is outstanding down the field. I saw a couple of shots on tape where Rivers misfires a little bit and he’s telling him where to throw the ball. At the end of the route the ball sailed a little bit. He’s a good player. He’s strong. He pushes off every play. Somebody is going to call it. It’s kind of interesting because I used to coach for the (Kansas City) Chiefs and I watched them and it looked like it was a wrestling match, not a coverage unit back there. They beat him up pretty good. We’ll see what we can do.”

Pushes off on every play? SURE WHY NOT?!? If he can get away with it on every play like he does, then just keep doing it! Sorry Gunther, it won’t stop Vincent from getting that separation that he needs to catch that 40-yard pass for the score!

Gunther’s thoughts on Antonio Gates:

(Philip) Rivers (San Diego quarterback) looks for them all the time. Gates, he’s not doing the things he did five, six-years ago, but he’s gotten a lot smarter. His routes are exceptional. He sets you up. If a young guy covers him, you’re in trouble. He knows exactly what he’s doing and the quarterback feels him.

I can agree with this statement. He can’t be the athlete he was SIX years ago, but he still is an exceptional tight end that will find different ways to beat you.

Gunther’s thoughts on our early skids:

It’s like the opposite of Detroit. When you live in San Diego, and I’ve coached there for six years, it’s tough. The ocean is real close. If you go to the zoo, you feel like you’re in Africa, it’s so big. It’s a great place.

I think sometimes they go through the early part of the year and it’s still summer there. Football is about people that work for a living. It takes some time to get on track like that. I really think that may be what one of the problem’s is (why) they have with slow starts year-to-year, but right now, they’re playing as good as anybody in the league.

AND the problem with the Detroit Lions for the last century has been?!?!?

I can’t wait to beat that defense down and then hear his complaining of Vincent PUSHING OFF on every play!!!


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