Morning Dump


Such a wonderful morning today!!!! Broncos LOSE, Jets LOSE and our BOLTS KILLED IT!!!!! I love it!

That team Sunday night was no less than the playoff-bound Baltimore Ravens, who floundered on offense, didn’t look at all tough on defense and were beaten 34-14.

The Ravens outside linebacker was shut out by the San Diego Chargers in their 34-14 rout of the Ravens at Snapdragon Stadium. Suggs had a quiet two-tackle evening that was exacerbated by an unnecessary roughness call for slapping the helmet of tight end Randy McMichael and an offsides penalty.

The Chargers left no doubt they have come full circle from their six-game losing streak in just three short weeks, laying a 34-14 beating on the Baltimore Ravens for a third consecutive victory that brought them to 7-7. They are now firmly in the hunt for the AFC West title thanks to a combination of losses earlier in the day by first-place Denver and second-place Oakland, and a performance that has made that skid a distant memory.

The Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers are incredibly similar in many ways. Eagles fans like myself have ranted about their Super Bowl near-misses every year, yet the Chargers are just as much of a near-miss franchise. This season, it looked like the bottom had fallen out for both Philadelphia and San Diego, as they completely collapsed even before the postseason.

Detroit Central alumnus Antonio Gates is a versatile weapon who may use his body better than any other tight end in the NFL. He’s closing in on 600 career catches and that alone is impressive. But it’s even more amazing that he has done it while battling through plantar fasciitis. As the San Diego Union-Tribune noted: “The painful foot condition has reduced Gates from a one-of-a-kind player to a willing spirit of weakened flesh.”

(Reuters) – Surging San Diego overcame Baltimore 34-14 Sunday to keep alive their postseason hopes while damaging the Ravens’ playoff top seed ambitions.

OK, so this St. Nick was holding a television camera and getting video for the scoreboard for Sunday night’s Chargers-Baltimore Ravens game. But he had a red suit, white beard and a Snapdragon T-shirt on.

Familiarity, in this case, didn’t breed contempt. Antwan Barnes has no gripes against the Baltimore Ravens, the team that drafted him, but also traded him away little more than a year ago.

It’s probably time for us to just chronicle the hair/beard stylings of San Diego Chargers DT Antonio Garay each week. If you’re unfamiliar with Garay, know that he manages to come up with unique and interesting designs for his the hair on his face and head almost every week, be it by way of dye or shaving. This week was no different.