Bolt Beat Roundtable: Would You Re-Sign VJ in the Off-Season?


Today’s topic around the round table is “Would you bring back Vincent Jackson Next Year?” Vincent is a free agent at the end of the season and he is our standout wide receiver with 44 receptions, 825 yards and 7 touchdowns. He averages 18.8 yards per reception.

Here are our thoughts on the situation:

Ernie Padaon (Editor)I LOVE Vincent Jackson as a player and as a wide receiver. He is one of the best in the league and he adds a different dimension to the offense than anyone else on this team, but with that being said I still would NOT re-sign him after the season. That $15 million or whatever it is needs to be spent on an impact defensive player! A Mario Williams or a Cortland Finnegan type player that can make an impact on that side of the ball.

If Philip Rivers is back to playing like Philip Rivers, then the offense will be FINE! Last season, Philip made players like Legedu Naanee and Seyi Ajirotutu look like playmakers. Patrick Crayton was a standout receiver last year. Vincent Brown will have the playbook grasped by that time and Malcom Floyd MIGHT be able to play more than a handful of plays. Receiver is not our biggest NEED in the off-season and that money should be spent elsewhere.Follow @epadaon

Da Great Gonzo (Staff Writer)I agree, Rivers playing like we all know he can, could turn a mediocre wide receiver into a really good one. As much as a I like Vjax, as this point it seems to me unrealistic to sign him to a long-term contract, like Fitzgerald’s. Besides why would we want to give 14mill/year to a diva receiver with character issues, who has been in trouble with the law, and someone who doesn’t always give 100%. The amount of money we could give Vincent, we can sign someone like EJ Henderson of the Vikings to play LB, and someone else who is a good, capable receiver like Brandon Lloyd, or even Andre Caldwell of the Bengals. Caldwell is a young, promising receiver with a lot of upside, who has been stuck in the black hole that is the Cincinnati Bengals.

Ps. Still hate that we gave all that $ to Weddle.Follow @Da_Great_Gonzo

Jose Marin (Guest)You wanna spend all that money on one defensive player? Let’s see, we need two corners, at least one pass rusher, 3 linebackers and a ton of o-linemen. You know what you get with Vjax, consistency, two defenders on him and he stretches the field. He has how many first downs this year? On how many catches? What other receiver on this team has any big production? Floyd is fragile, Gates isn’t what he was, Brown may or may not be great and Crayton is a slot wide receiver. You can sign a receiver but he’s gonna have to learn the playbook and get in a rhythm with Rivers. Vjax is an elite receiver who’s proven to be a playmaker and who can impact the opposing defense. Defensive players are cheaper, and that’s the what the draft is for. You let Vjax go then you better hope a lot of people step up.Follow @nfgrockerdude

Killa Camron (Staff Writer)Considering how this past offseason went with tons of wide receiver signing one-year contracts, we might still be able to snag a decent receiver. At the same time I don’t believe we will be able to afford VJ. Maybe VJ takes a pay cut to stay with Rivers. If Rivers plays like we know he can then he can, then any receiver can turn into a beast. We really do need to fortify our defense, so if we give up VJ and get a playmaker back, I could forgive not having him back for another season… but that’s only if. If we let him go and go after no one… UNFORGIVABLE.Follow @Killacamron86

Charger Girl Cindi (Staff Writer)I typically agree with you (Ernie), but not today. We should resign Jackson. He has caught for almost 1000 yards this season and has had 7 TD’s. That is saying a lot considering how many times Rivers has actually thrown in the end zone. Not to mention, whatever is going on with Rivers, it will not get better if we take away one of his favorite targets. We can add defense all day long, but without a solid offense (see Colts) it does not go far. VJ is the real deal. Oh wait, Jackson makes 12 Million a season. Wow, that is a lot. Um, I changed my mind. Let’s get three new kids for 4 million each.Follow @ChargerGrlCindi

Where do you stand? Should we bring back Vincent Jackson at the end of the season?