Chargers Christmas (Off-Season) Wish List


It is the Christmas season and I have a short list of potential free agents that I would love for the Bolts to look at in the offseason. We need to get more impact players on this team and we really need to get those playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Here are a couple of guys that I would LOVE for AJ (OR whoever is running the show) to consider:

LB/DE Mario WilliamsWilliams had a season ending injury this year, but we have a HUGE hole on the other side of Shaun Phillips that has not made an impact since Shawne Merriman was caught juicing. Mario has been an impact player in this league for a while now and he just recently showed that he can play the outside linebacker role in a 3-4 defense well. He picked up 5 sacks in about 4 1/2 games before he was hurt.

Imagine the pass rush that included Mario and SP95 coming off the edges, that would definitely make our corners look a lot better. Mario, Donald Butler, Takeo Spikes and SP95 would all running around all over the field as our linebackers.

CB Cortland FinneganBring him in here even if he is a DIRTY player. It has been too long since we have had a player that plays with a nastiness about him. Line him up on one corner and figure out what Quentin Jammer wants to do next season. If Jammer is ready to move to safety, then it is even more important to bring in a good corner. Jammer and Weddle at the safeties sounds good OR Jammer and Finnegan at the corners sound awesome too. Either way, we need that help in the secondary. If somehow Jeff Fisher becomes our head coach, Finnegan might want to reunite with him.

WR Eddie RoyalEveryone on our receiving unit gets hurt other than Vincent Jackson and the main reason that we would want Eddie Royal is for his ability to return kicks and punts. Our starting field position on offense has been terrible this year!!! Royal can help us win the field position game and get short fields for Philip to do work. A short field gives Philip less chances to throw a pick and Ryan less chances to fumble the ball!

That’s my shopping list! It’s short, but can reshape our defense and special teams. In order to make this kind of a splash, we would have to let Vincent Jackson walk. Our draft could then focus on some help in the trenches and a wide receiver.

Take a look at the list of free agents coming up and let me know who you would want on your shopping list.

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