Chargers Should Test Drive Rich Bisaccia as the Head Coach


This season is gone in the tank and the playoffs are out of the question. It is time for the Chargers to test drive and see if we have the head coach that we are looking for already in the organization. The biggest head coaching candidate on the staff is Special Teams Coach Rich Bisaccia.

If AJ is going to remain as the GM on this team, we are not going to get any of the big name guys. We are not going to get the Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher OR Jeff Fisher types. We might as well face the fact that the Spanos fam does not want to eat the contracts of both AJ and Norval. That’s $12 million that they would have to swallow! I know the Spanos fam are BILLIONAIRES, but that is not chump change!

We need to see if Bisaccia is the guy that can lead this team and run him out there on the interim basis. The Dallas Cowboys had this same situation come up last year when they had to fire Wade Phillips and gave Jason Garrett an opportunity. Garrett is now the head coach and is leading the ‘Boys to a first place record this season.

Bisaccia has been on the radar to become a head coach in this league, so he is not just some guy that we would be throwing into the fire. He has that FIRE that some of you all have been craving.

Here is a quote from one of the guys you would love to have as the head coach, Jon Gruden:

I coached a long time, he’s one of the best coaches I’ve worked with and I’m not just trying to be his agent or publicity manager. He’s a tremendous football coach, great with players, smart, works his butt off. I’d hire him as a head coach. If I was in position to interview people and look for quality candidates and he’s certainly one of the best I’ve been around.

Special teams guys — he’s not an offensive coach or a defensive coach, he’s kind of a wefence guy. He was my running backs coach, special teams coordinator, jack of all trades. He’s very good at personnel; he’s got a vast amount of experience. I hope he does get an opportunity to present himself. Sometimes that’s all people need is a chance to get in front of the people that are making these decisions. – Jon Gruden

Here is another endorsement from All-Decade linebacker Derrick Brooks:

He’s gotten the best out of everybody, and for me, being around him since 2002, I jumped at the opportunity to play for him on special teams despite being a starter on defense. I wanted to be part of what he was doing with other guys, I was a little jealous. I even inserted myself in practice as a punt returner. I really did want to be a part of what he had going on with our core group of guys on special teams. – Brooks

Check out this article on ESPN that is recommending Bisaccia to become the Head Coach of the Titans.

We should give Bisaccia an opportunity and see if he has the skills it takes to be a leader on the field for this team. If he doesn’t work out, what would it really hurt! We might have a great coach in the making here!

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