Getting to Know the Chicago Bears with Bear Goggles On


It’s going to be a tough matchup for the Chargers with all the injuries on the roster and with the way that we have been playing. We are going to have to step our game up and make some things happen.

In order to get a little more insight on the game on Sunday, I spoke with Boomer from Bear Goggles On. Here is what he had to say:

1. Give Chargers fans an inside look at the Chicago Bears.

That’s a pretty open-ended question. The Bears have been hot lately after another slow start to the season. Matt Forte is the offensive MVP, accounting for over 40% of their offense. On the defensive side of the ball, it’s a lot of familiar faces leading the charge – Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman and Julius Peppers. I don’t have to tell you about what Devin Hester means to the Special Teams.

2. What are your thoughts on the Chargers?

The Chargers scare me because a team with a 4-game losing streak is dangerous. It seems like every year the Chargers start slow and then have an incredible push to close the regular season to try to sneak into the playoffs. I am hoping their 2011 “save our season” run doesn’t start in Chicago.

From the outside looking in, it seems like the offense is out of sync. I’m not sure if it has to do with losing Sproles or if Gates is starting to lose a step or maybe the slew of injuries has caught up with this team.

3. Who on the Chargers scares you?

On the offensive side of the ball, it’s got to be Phillip Rivers. He’s a tough competitor and can put up points in bunches. The Bears will try to force him to take the underneath routes and eliminate big plays.

Of the defensive side, the Eric Weddle and his 5 interceptions scare me because Jay Cutler has been known to throw the occasional interception.

4. The Chargers will win this game if…

the Bears let Rivers go off. Rivers has struggled this season and it will be key to shut him down. If the Bears can put some pressure on him, going against a banged up Chargers offensive line, they should be able to keep him contained.

5. The Bears will win this game if…

The offense puts up some points. The Bears had an impressive 37 point performance against the Lions last week, but consider that they had two Pick-6’s and a Devin Hester punt return for a touchdown. That doesn’t leave a lot of points from the Bears offense. We’ve seen San Diego put up big points this season, so their offense is more than capable. It will be up to Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and the Bears offense to put up some points to win this game.

6. Prediction

If the Chargers had their full complement of players available, this game would be a really tough one, but considering how banged up the Chargers are, I think the Bears will be able to exploit some mismatches, especially their defensive line going against a handful of backup Charger O-linemen. Jay Cutler gets the last laugh over his old buddy Phillip Rivers. Bears 26, Chargers 21

Be sure to check out Bear Goggles On to get your information on the Bears for this weekend’s game!