Transition from Packers to Raiders


It is going to be a struggle for any team to beat the 2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions. The Green Bay Packers are dominating this season with a record of 8-0. The Packers’ MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers is leading his team in the same direction as he did last year: undefeated.

Anyone could have guessed that the San Diego Chargers who are facing problems with special teams and Rivers’ inconsistency would easily lose the game. There were spurts of greatness from the Chargers especially when they remarkably recovered from trailing behind GB by 3 TDs to an unexpectedly close-scoring game.

The previous two match-ups for the Chargers have resulted in apologies for their performance and vows for improvement in the future. But at the end of this week, the Chargers walk away with a record of 4-4 and a 3-loss streak. There were a number of problems that the Bolts experienced against the Pack including key players injuries, lack of defensive pressure, and Rivers throwing three additional interceptions.

Some crucial SD players were missing for this monumental game, but it didn’t stop active valuable players from putting up a fight. Vincent Jackson scored three touchdowns with a total of seven receptions for 141 yards against Green Bay’s defense. Mike Tolbert and Antonio Gates completed one TD each despite running back Ryan Mathews and wide receiver Malcom Floyd’s absences. San Diego’s guard Kris Dielman missed his second game in a row after suffering from a concussion.

Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers was spot on with his quick passes, especially to four different teammates in the end zone. The Chargers couldn’t seem to put pressure on this accurate quarterback who always makes it a point to get rid of the ball immediately. Rodgers’ consistent passing to an open receiver at any given moment to advance down the field gave the Chargers a run for their money.

But, nonetheless, it was Rivers’ NFL record high interceptions that had a crucial impact on the outcome of the game. I would like to say that SD truly did have a chance against the Packers but three interceptions from Rivers adding to his previous 11 hurt the Bolts. Two out of three interceptions were picked by GB safety Charlie Peprah for TDs. After Rivers helped the team catch up to GB in the fourth quarter in a span of 1:07 to make it a one touchdown difference game, he did have his shining moment when he played hurry-up offense in the two-minute drill. But the game ended when Rivers’ threw his last interception intended for V-Jax to C. Peprah once again, running the ball for 76 yards. The Green Bay Packers won the game 45-38, remaining undefeated.

All these struggles that the Chargers have faced in the past three losses need to be reconsidered and improved on for Thursday’s game against AFC West rivals, the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders experienced a loss against the Denver Broncos last week, making them 4-4 as well. SD cannot afford to repeat last years’ encounters with the Raiders. This time the Raiders also seem to be struggling with their quarterback and missing a key player, running back Darren McFadden.

Jackson admits that the team as a whole has a lot of work and growing to do, and in this upcoming match-up he said, “What we need to do is get a win.” The Chargers are not ready to lose four straight games. It is time to show the Raiders what SD can do and to leave with a W.