Getting to Know the Oakland Raiders


I was able to get together with Chris Shellcroft of Just Blog Baby to get a little more information on the Oakland Raiders to preview our Thursday matchup. Here is what he had to say:1 The way things have been going, who would you rather have at quarterback: Jason Campbell or Carson Palmer?

Right about now I’d have to go with Campbell but that is a little unfair to Palmer who is still less than a month removed from his couch and has yet to play with Darren McFadden. Campbell is not the talent Palmer is to be sure. But JC played within the offense, made smart decisions and was playing as well as he ever has as a pro prior to injury. Now if Palmer becomes all he can be there is no doubt Oakland’s offense could become the best in all of football. So time will tell.

2. What are a couple of reasons why you should WIN this game?

The Raiders have a knack for digging deep and coming up big in big games. Oakland should win because they can still run the rock and Palmer is getting more comfortable with each passing day. Defensively they’ve got their hands full dealing with an explosive Chargers’ offense. Even so the Raiders also have an advantage on special teams which was a huge factor when these two met last season. Sebastian Janikowski is weapon unlike any other. Shane Lechler’s booming punts make offenses go the length of the field to score. Oh and Jacoby Ford can turn a game on its head with one kick return too. The Raiders should win because overall they are team with much better balance.

3. What are a couple of reasons why you should LOSE this game?

Turnovers, defense and penalties. The Raiders have been their own worst enemy this year. All that yellow laundry on the field has been an embarrassment this season. But even more embarrassing is how the defense has played all year. It has been two steps forward and one back with the D. They were improving against the run until Tim Tebow and Willis McGahee ran all over them with a college offense. Carson Palmer’s pick-per-quarter rate hasn’t helped that defense at all. The longer Oakland’s defense is on the field the greater San Diego’s chances of winning increase. Oakland should lose this game if they can’t force Rivers into more mistakes and allow the Chargers free yards with careless penalties.

4. How do you beat the Raiders this year?

More often than not your best bet would be to get out of the way and let the Raiders self destruct. One week they look like they can beat anybody and the next they’re giving away a football field of yards in penalties. From an offensive standpoint attacking Oakland’s weakened secondary is a good way to go about getting a W. Defensively you’ve got your hands full when it comes to stopping the ground game. Oakland’s offensive line has been an impressive unit so getting pressure on Palmer is difficult. You’re better off playing a discipline zone to deal with all that Raider speed in the passing game.

5. Better looking fans: Oakland or San Diego?

Here is where I come out on this one. One game day, I’ll give it to the Bolts. Hard to compete with a city that can offer the beach, football and the Gas Lamp all in one 24 hour period. You’re bound to have a few beautiful faces and bodies in the stands even if they’re there just cause its the thing to do. However if we’re talking overall…it is Raider Nation hands down. The Raiders are a global brand so you’re bound to find all kinds of good looking fans all over the map. Have you ever seen some of this bomb British broads? They look great, love the Raiders and can drink you under the table before 10am.

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