Chargers vs Packers: Quick hits


My fellow Chargers fans, if you’re a fan of quick hits I apologize for my absence the last couple weeks but I’m back and just in time for the Superbowl champs to be arriving in town. The Cheese heads will be out in full fury (can you say annoying!!). We need a win here to stay on top of the AFC West. We are in the middle of a huge knot, where we are tied for first. Alright then,  without further rambling here are this week’s quick hits:


1. Philip Rivers need to STOP giving up the ball, whether it’s an interception or a fumble. Whatever is going on you need to set it right now. This 2 ints a game is killing us, were knocking on the door and wham interception. CUT IT OUT!

2. It is imperative that we walk away with 7 points when we get in the red zone. 3 points will not do it this week.

3. Antonio Gates  should see some double coverage due to the fact that most of Green Bay doesn’t match up very well with him, look for Charles Woodson to be on Gates at key moments with a linebacker underneath him.

4. Our high powered offense really needs to show through, Green Bay’s defense does give up points. We just need to capitalize when we have the ball.

5. There secondary is beat up Michael Jenkins was able to rack up 111 yards receiving. He’s nowhere near the caliber of receiver that Vincent Jackson is, maybe not even Floyd either. Our 2 Big receivers need to step up and be Big targets for Rivers.

6. Ryan Mathews you need to stay healthy, need I say more.

7. Enough with these damn fumbles, yet again self explanatory.

8. Marcus McNeil you have single handedly killed a couple drives, I will not forgive you If you have that many penalties. If it happens again, you will have a mob on your door step. Cut it out we need to sustain our drives.

9. All O-line you must play as a unit, Green Bay has tons of blitzes coming your way along with this week’s X-factor Clay Mathews


1. Greg Manusky, I am calling you out first. Damn it, will you put some pressure on Aaron Rodgers this week. If you let him stand in the pocket he will eat us alive.

2. Shaun Phillips needs to get to Aaron Rogers early and often, He needs to be planted on the canvas and be as uncomfortable as possible

3. Greg Jennings needs to be accounted for on every single play.

4. The Secondary needs to be on their heels, Green Bay has a High Octane passing Unit like us

5. Eric Weddle continues to prove us wrong and make that money we spent on him (word of advice if you get your hand on it you should be able to catch it.) #weddlemoney

6. This is a pass first team, but if you let their run game get started things could get ugly, let’s keep it one dimensional

7.  Antwan Barnes needs to see more snaps this week (why isn’t he starting opposite SP95, makes no sense. Travis LaGirl shows flashes but he isn’t as consistent as Barnes)

8. I know it’s asking a lot, but we need turnovers! we need that in order to win

With that said, I will close with this “if you want to be the man, you have to beat the man.” (yes I did just quote the nature boy Ric Flair.) Lets prove everyone wrong and get that W, And laugh at all the bandwagon fans that didn’t believe. (You know who you are)