No. 1 LSU at No. 2 Alabama: Prospects the Chargers Could Focus On


For the most part, I don’t watch college football games unless there is a BIG match-up or till we get out to the Bowl games. This weekend we have Number 1 meeting up with Number 2 in an awesome clash.

I caught up with NFL Mocks to get a little more info on some of the players we could be paying a little more attention to. In the coming draft, we will need to focus on finding an edge rusher (since Larry English can’t do it) and a safety to play alongside Eric Weddle. Here is what NFL Mocks said about the prospects from this Saturday’s game and about some prospects around College Football:If you’re interested in linebackers and safeties Saturday night’s Alabama and LSU game is a good one.

Alabama has perhaps the two best safeties that are going into the draft (though T.J. Macdonald of USC would have something to say about that. Well change my mind Macdonald’s one of the best two safeties). They also happen to have the two best cornerbacks if the Chargers are interested in cornerbacks in Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama) and Morris Claiborne (meteroic rise this year ) who plays on LSU

Alabama Safety Robert Lester is a 2nd round prospect who is a ballhawk type of player who had a huge 2010 season (8 sacks) In 2011 Lester only has one interception.

Mark Barron is playing out of his mind this year and might have gotten himself from the second round into the first round with his play. He’s more of the strong safety for the Crimson Tide a good tackler, delivers big hits as good size. Just a good player. He’s probably the player that the Chargers would be more interested in to play next to Eric Weddle.

LSU has Brandon Taylor who is more of a free safety you should also watch.

Other safeties you want to keep an eye on if you’re looking at safeties early are Ray Ray Armstrong for the University of Miami. Markelle Martin on Oklahoma State for guys who can complement Weddle well.

Later round SS types are Tavon Wilson of Illinois, Tony Dye UCLA

For linebackers (assuming you’re looking for rush linebackers)

You can check out Courtney Upshaw of Alabama who is a first round possibility. He’s probably the best 34 OLB prospect as a run stopper/pass rusher in this draft.

Brandon Jenkins (on right now) played DE last year and was dominant this year he’s been playing a hybrid role and his numbers are down, but don’t let that fool you, he’s still playing well. He could be another option.

Vinny Curry from Marshall is another guy who could go in the first round and has been a productive pass rusher.

Bruce Irvin West Viringia is undersized, but a good pass rusher.

Other guys to look out for NIck Perry USC is a good athlete, Devin Taylor South Carolina is another guy who is inconsistent, but has a ton of natural ability.

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