Time for Norv Turner to put his money where his mouth is



When I saw the remarks made by Rex Ryan this week I saw it as a backhanded compliment much like everyone else. The Chargers interviewed Rex Ryan prior to hiring Norv Turner to replace Marty Schottenheimer. This week on local San Diego sports radio station XX1090, Ryan said he would have won a couple Super Bowl rings with the Chargers by now if he had been the man the Chargers had hired. Sounds like the usual Rex Ryan bluster. Same old overconfident, arrogant, look at me gibberish Ryan usually comes with the week of a geme, no surprise there. What was a surprise was that Norv responded in a way uncharacteristic of him.

The quiet, coachspeaking, perpetually grumpy looking (seriously, has anyone EVER seen Norv smile???) Chargers head coach answered Ryan’s smack WITH smack! In short, Turner fired off a ‘Where are your rings for all those guarantees you’ve been making the past few seasons?’ NICE! And absolutely on point. The last three seasons all Rex Ryan has done is talk about how his team is going to win the Super Bowl and he’s come up with nothing. His team has made the playoffs, even made the AFC championship game, but no Super Bowl appearance. Nice Norv, Nice.

However, now is the time to back up your smack and lead the Chargers to a win. that means putting the pedal to the metal with the playbook and leaving the Jets sucking on the exhaust. Its time to deviate from the predictable run-pass-pass attack and mixing in some creativity. The Chargers are a far superior team. The Chargers have the best of the matchup at quarterback, running back, receiver and now tight end with Antonio Gates returning to the field after extended rest.

On defense, which is supposed to be Ryan’s specialty, the Jets are 11th in the league giving up 332 yards a game while the Chargers are 4th, only giving up 293. Even if Revis holds Jackson to an average day the rest of the now healthy receiving corps will compile yardage in big chunks. Mark Sanchez is a terrible quarterback who’s team wins in spite of him instead of because of him. He’ll be no match for the Chargers 2nd ranked pass defense.The only thing that can blow this game for the Chargers is Turner. If the play-calling is sound and the Chargers play aggressive in the red zone they will put touchdowns on the board, not field goals.

You ran some solid smack Norv, not its time to back it up!

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