Getting to Know the New York Jets


I hit up Todd Jason (@theJetReport), who is a BLOGGER for a few New York Jets sites (,  to get a little insight on our match-up this weekend in New York. Here is some insight on the Jets:

1. Is Plaxico Burress a factor on offense anymore?Plaxico Burress has had a minimal impact as far as the Jets passing game goes but that may not be due to his ability. A late start as a Jet (August) , combined with an offensive line that had struggled for weeks (playing without three time All Pro Nick Mangold in weeks 3 and 4), and a ineffective run game, has brought many defenders up near the line of scrimmage. With no time to throw and little room to run, ALL of the Jets receivers have seen a drop in production so far in 2011.

2. What are your thoughts on the offensive play calling from Brian Schottenheimer?The playcalling of Brian Schottenheimer is a constant topic with Jets nation, especially on twitter. Our thought is that without a true speed RB who can get to the edges, a line that can pass protect for an extended period, and a QB who can confidently and consistently make the basic throws, it becomes harder to call plays comfortably.

The Rex Ryan Jets averaged giving up 19 points per game last year and this year are at 21.8 a game. Therefore there has been, since Ryan has arrived in NY, a tendency to play it safe and allow Mike Westhoff’s special teams unit, and Ryan’s defense, provide field position and or setting up a score each week. Which then gives the offense the task of only having to find 14-17 points of their own over 60 minutes.

The question around here is, has this handcuffing of Sanchez gone too far? Is the fear of making mistakes causing Sanchez to check down too often? It’s a tough call but we’ll assume that the responsibility goes both ways. Sanchez has to earn more trust with better play, and Schotty has to pick more times to stretch the field and utilize his weapons.

3. Are the Jets a playoff team this year?The Jets are a playoff team if: The fingerpointing that went on last week between certain players was a moment in time, not a cancer forming habit. If the Offense finds it’s indentity.They were pass happy, then run heavy…now what? If the defense returning 10 starters, now aided by two rookies and 1st round bust Aaron Maybin, begins to gel.

The Jets are not a playoff team if: The chirping behind closed doors grows large. If Sanchez can’t elevate his play. If the defense, on days the offense REALLY struggles, can’t take over the game.

4. Will this be LT’s final year?If LT is not forced into more action, he has shown us that he can be a 5-10 touch guy for a few more years. The final decision will be up to him and could be affected by the State of the Jets. If they pull it together and win a Super Bowl as they themselves set out to do, maybe he rides off into the sunset. If they implode and the future looks bleak, expect the same. If they fall just short again and he ends the year healthy, perhaps the fire will burn for one more race around the track.

5. How do you beat the Jets this year?Teams have beat the Jets this year by swallowing the ground and pound, and forcing the Jets into being one dimensional. The dimension they have lacked rythym in most, the passing game. The Jets get beat on defense when Antonio Cromartie is forced into alot of one on one coverage that has resulted in big plays for opposing teams and drive saving penalties on the secondary, primarily from Cro. The Jets have given up big run plays on the edges but to be fair, the defense has fallen victim to too many three and outs by the offense. Nothing drives that wore them down in the second half, during their three game road swoon out in Oakland, Baltimore and New England.