Chargers vs Broncos: Quick Hits


Who would have saw this coming? The Chargers are 3-1, the best start under Norv Turner’s regime. Well happy times have come to San Diego for once, but that can all change in an instant as the Donkeys (Broncos) come into town. It’s another Divisional match up for us.  I for one would like to go into the bye week at 4-1.

As in all divisional match-ups, even if the team is horrible they are always a tough team to play. This week is no different from the next week. We need to ride the lightning into Mile High stadium.

Here are this weeks Quick Hits along the way:


1. Philip Rivers is getting hot and it needs to stay that way. His ability to spread the ball around will eat this defense alive!

2. I don’t want to see any fumbles this week. The pendulum has swung our way so far every time but there will be a time when that doesn’t happen. So Tolbert and Mathews better hang onto the ball. This team likes to go for the strip. (Wondering if you guys are going to fumble on every carry is becoming a soap opera)

3. Rookie LB Von Miller is this weeks x-factor he has been wreaking havoc in everyone backfield with 4 sacks in the last 3 weeks. Our o-line needs to control him and our backs need to block and chip him when warranted.

4. The Green Bay Packers dismantled this secondary due to their age and the Pack just had too many weapons. Every receiver needs to be ready to go. (there is no middle ground in the age difference for the Broncos secondary, Champ Bailey is one example hes on the wrong side 30)

5. Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert need to stay fresh and in a good rotation as we are playing an older defense that can wear down, But once again feed the HOT HAND Norv. (Mathews has been a beast. No reason he shouldnt get the bulk of the carries.)

6. Vincent Jackson goes nuts this week, he should be moved around just like Greg Jennings: 7 rec, 103 yards and a TD. (I pray that you can stay on the field for the whole game)

7. Malcom Floyd is in line for a TD in the Redzone, again if he can play the whole game.

8. I know I say this every week but Patrick Crayton needs to be included. Jordy Nelson ate this team alive last week. (Maybe Vincent Brown can get in on the action this week, he showed some playmaking ability last week)


1. Lets get after Kyle Orton, force some early turnovers: 5 INT in the last 3 weeks.

2. Our sack specialists need to show up (Larry English we need a repeat of last week, did I actually say that?) Shaun Phillips, Antwan Barnes, Travis Laboy, someone put Kyle Orton on his back! He’s been too clean the last couple of weeks. 4 sacks in 3 weeks, our pass rush seems to be coming together. Not sure if Kyle Orton has seen one like this.

3. Eric Decker has emerged as Kyle Orton’s favorite target, lets put a body on him

4. Brandon Lloyd is very sneaky and will rack up the receptions and yards. He’s very crisp in his route running as he is a vet. lets interrupt that timing ,Kyle Orton knows where he is at all times…. hopefully not this week

5. Willis McGahee has revitalized his career and is back to his rough and tough style, it’s time he meets Takeo Spikes (every Superman has a Kryptonite)

6. Knowshon Moreno is one of those guys you hate because you don’t know when his talent will show through, but yet another guy we have to be careful of.

7. Eric Weddle we need him continue that success and earn that money. I’ll take another game sealer any day. #weddlemoney

8. If the front seven play well and get pressure, our secondary needs to step up and make the play. Interceptions are coming our way.

9. Antonio Garay needs to fill the gaps this week. No more lack luster run defense, I just cant take it anymore.

10. The Broncos have been horrible in the red zone, lets keep that streak alive

What are your thoughts? This is a big week for the Bolts. We need to stay on out hot streak and stay on top of the AFC West. The Raiders are just 1 game back, (hopefully 2 after this week if everything works out right) this is one step closer to achieving one of our goals. Like I always say one game at a time, one play at a time…… Bolt Up!!