Chargers vs Broncos Q&A


I sent out some questions to Kim Constantinesco of Predominantly Orange – A Denver Broncos Blog to get more inside information on our upcoming opponent this Sunday. Here is what she said about the team:

Are you for Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton?I’m for whoever will help the Broncos win. In a blowout game like last week between the Broncos and the Packers, I would have liked John Fox to throw Tebow in to see what he could do. It would have been a great way to evaluate him in a regular season game. Tebow may not be the answer, but it’s about time we found out. At this point, Kyle Orton is 4-13 as the team’s starting QB. Fans are looking away from Orton for leadership and wins.

How is Von Miller doing this season? Are fans rocking the glasses like him yet?Von Miller is already proving to be the explosive player that we all thought he was. He’s playing well in the 4-3, and he’s leading the team in sacks. Miller really excels when the Broncos go into their nickel package because it pits his athleticism against right offensive tackles who are more power players. The glasses will be flying off the shelves soon enough.

What is the biggest positive for the Broncos this season?The biggest positive has been the Broncos improvement in the run game. Willis McGahee has stepped up as the leader in the backfield and at almost 30 years old, he’s been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. He’s averaging nearly 65 yards per game and almost 4 yards per carry. Those aren’t Jamaal Charles-like numbers or anything, but his ability to tally 100+ yard rushing days helps the Broncos offense balance out.

How do you beat the Broncos this season?The Broncos lose when they can’t convert in the red zone. Of course, it takes away points, but it also lowers team morale for the next series or two. Getting big stops against the Broncos will slow them.

What has John Fox brought to the team?John Fox brings a tremendous amount of wisdom and leadership to this team. It’s clear that the players respond to him better than they did Josh McDaniels. His strategy for getting the team ready for the next week is all business-like. Because of his lengthy experience in the league, he can evaluate travel schedules and injuries, and put the most prepared personnel out on the field.

This definitely will be another tough game for the Bolts. The Broncos may have a poor record, but they will be ready to compete. We can’t take this game lightly!!