Chargers vs Dolphins: Killas Quick Hits


So here we are again teetering on starting slow, playing down to our opponents level and barely winning the game. Anyone else sick of this rollercoaster ride? I love a good football game, but why does my heart come so close to stopping every week!! Lets get it together San Diego!!

Norv has never started the season with a record better then 2-3, he aims to try and fix that this week as The Fins come into town. After almost blowing it, playing one of the worst teams in the NFL, we see ourselves walking into another game against yet another team with a winless record. We cannot take the opponent lightly as they have that fire in them. the 0-3 dolphins come to town, with there new look offense come and there sack hungry defense.

Get ready here are this weeks quick hits:


1. Ryan Mathews should have another monster game. In the last 2 weeks the Dolphins have not played a real starting running back. They have been let off easy and that ends this week.  Montario Hardesty ( Peyton Hillis back up) had an average game. Ben Tate (Arian Fosters backup) had a slightly above average game hitting 100 yards but not hitting the Endzone. Look for Ryan Mathews to see the Endzone!

2. Enough is enough! Philip Rivers, its time for you to get hot!! I’m sick of starting 2-3. We need you to step up! If Matt Schaub can carve up this defense I KNOW you can do even better. Philip Rivers rebounds this week and gives us a show.  (ugh well on the NFL RedZone at least, or radio. On a side note this blackout crap is pissing me off!!)

3. Patrick Crayton should have a field day. Miami struggles with the slot guy. Which should set Crayton up with that first down catch and run. I look forward to seeing it.

4. Miami has proven that they can get to the QB. Not going to happen this week! O-line needs to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

5. My x-factor for this week is Dolphins LB Cameron Wake. This guy is disruptive and needs to be blocked. He comes off the line with the intent to bring the hurt every play. He is quick off the edge and must be controlled on every down

6. We have a better receiving corp then the last couple of teams Miami has faced. Our offense should thrive. Miami should have coverage problems this week (even with back-up like Randy McMicheal)

7. I’ve said it several weeks in a row: Vincent Jackson should come up big this week


1. QB Chad Henne is still suspect, lets get after him. Our D-line and pass specialists should be able to get to him several times. The Browns were able to get to him 5 times. Their defense is pretty good, dare I say, ours is better.(hope I don’t choke on that one later, please don’t make me look bad.)

2. Mix up the coverages in order to confuse their offense. They will exploit those soft spots whether its a check down, screen pass, quick slant. BE READY FOR ANYTHING.

3. They spread the ball around whether its to the receivers or running backs. We have to be aware at all times, anyone and I repeat ANYONE is a target in this offense.

4. WE NEED TURNOVERS!!!! Thank you Eric Weddle but maybe next time it wont come at the end of the game. Yes Eric Weddle, its another BIG week for you, go get us another. Oh yeah, since Bob Sanders is no longer present you need to pick up the slack.

5. Shaun Phillips goes beast mode this week. I’m thinking a couple sacks, or maybe a strip sack would be nice.

6. Brandon Marshall must be controlled. There should be a safety over the top or a corner and a linebacker underneath. DO NOT LET HIM GET STARTED. He will each us alive with catches and YAC (yards after catch)

7. Reggie Bush has been playing hard, but becomes careless with holding the ball. Lets get a helmet or hand in there and strip it out (Turnover)

8. TURNOVERS, TURNOVERS, TURNOVERS…… I cant preach it enough. I’m sick and tired of blown opportunities, lets take advantage this week because Miami will give the ball up.

So there you have it all in all we need a win. Even if its an ugly win, we need one. Anything that I missed? Anything anyone wants to add? Whats your take? Do you see Mathews having a monster game? Come on San Diego, lets start the first quarter if the season with a winning record!!