Chargers vs Chiefs: Killa Cam’s Quick Hits


Revenge! Revenge!! REVENGE!!! Its finally here, the game all Chargers fans want to see. We’ve all been waiting to get that bitter taste out of our mouth. That loss that came at the hands of the Chiefs, who later went on to win the division. Its Week 3 and its time to reestablish out dominance in the AFC west! Yes Chargers fans its time for The Chiefs to eat all those words from the off-season.

“You guys are to old to compete with us”“we have a good young team”“from now on you miss the playoffs from here on out”“The Chargers can’t hang anymore”“Were the champs for the year and years to come”“The Chiefs are the top dogs”I hope that got your blood boiling cause mine is. Don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the KC fans talking. I’m not even going to say anything to retaliate. I’ll let the Bolts go out there and wreak havoc on them Chiefs. (Please, all you Charger players, don’t take this game lightly. We need to get that momentum going with a win)

Well here we go week 3 quick hits:


1. Marcus McNeil you need to keep Phillip Rivers upright, you’re going up against Tambi Hali this week. I know he didn’t have any sack last week, but he hit Mathew Stafford 6 times. Unforgivable if Philip Rivers is put on the ground 6 times by one player.

2. Philip Rivers, I know your not looking as crisp as we’re used to but I believe you will come through. We need you to get off to a fast start and NOT take your foot off the gas.

3. Kansas City is having huge problems in the red zone with big receivers, Calvin Johnson may not have had a lot of yards but he caught the 2 touchdown passes when it counted. We NEED Vincent Jackson to step up in the Red Zone.

4. In 2 games the Chiefs have allowed 3 TDS to opposing Tight Ends. Gates need to play big for us, Enough said.

5. With Eric Berry‘s absence, the deep middle of the field can be exploited. Lets take advantage of that

6. Ryan Mathews needs to get the ball. The Bills and Lions were able to run all over KC. Tolbert should get some carries as well, but FEED THE HOT HAND NORV!

7. Slot receivers have been killing The Chiefs, Nate Bureleson ripped them a new one. Pretty Sure Patrick Crayton can do as good or better (I Don’t want to see Brian Walters getting more snaps them Crayton. Go with the polished vet Norv!)

8. When all else fails, use the checkdown: Jahvid Best 6 rec 66 yards 1 Td


1. Wrap up! A lot of these KC guys are slippery. NO SHOULDER TACKLING

2. Takeo Spikes Should have a monster game. With no Jamsal Charle,s most likely Thomas Jones will be featured. Not as fast but still explosive and is a veteran. Look for these 2 to meet constantly in this match up.

3. Dexter McCluster has to be accounted for at all times. He may be this week’s X-Factor.

4. Once again Dwayne Bowe must be shutdown. Keep him out of the endzone

5. We need to get to Matt Cassel early and often. If the front seven can do this,  Cassel will start forcing throws. Cassel has 4 INTs through 2 games. He just can’t seem to get in sync with his receivers. Let’s continue to pound him.

6. Eric Weddle, hopefully you have been hearing this all week and its drilled into your brain: If you play your assignment as coached and play good football, YOU WILL HAVE 2 OR MORE TURNOVERS #WeddleMoney

7. In accordance with that last statement WE NEED TURNOVERS THIS WEEK. We have only had one in the last 2 weeks, look for Jammer or Cason to come up with a pick.

8. Did I mention TURNOVERS

Last week i forgot to include special teams, but this week I’ll give it a shot

Special Teams

1. KNOW YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND GET IT DONE ( last year we saw our win melt away because of D. McCluster. We don’t need a repeat.)

2. I think that sums up special teams

Well there you have it. The blood begins to boil. This is going to be a nasty physical game. Last week I mentioned a Divine hatred. This week might go even further, this is always the case when your playing a rivalry game. We need to show that we are once again the team to beat in this division. This is a first step on that journey. With that all said…… LICK MY BOLT. GO CHARGERS LETS GET THAT W!!