KC Chiefs Q&A: “There is a looooot of bad football left to be played”


Who's Next? Can it get any worse out there in KC?

I was able to catch up with Patrick Allen from Arrowhead Addict to get some insight on this weekend’s game against the Chefs. Here is what he had to say:

It feels like Final Destination over there (Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles), who’s next?If we are talking players, following this progression, Brandon Flowers or Derrick Johnson. Then again, you have to think a team can only have so much bad luck so maybe we just got all of our major injuries out of the way early.

My actually prediction for the next person to go down? Todd Haley.

Are you guys in the “SUCK for LUCK” sweepstakes? Will they be looking to replace Matt Cassel at the end of the season?As to the first part, who knows? The Chiefs certainly look bad enough to have the first pick in the draft but it is really hard to start talking about that only two games into the season. There is a looooot of bad football left to be played.

As to Cassel, yeah I think he is a goner after this season. He could magically turn things around and buy himself another year but I doubt it. I think the team will be in the market for a QB in the draft and depending on how bad things get, they may even take a hard look at Ricky Stanzi down the stretch. Why the hell not, right?

What should fantasy owners do with Dwayne Bowe right now?He is a boom or bust play. He is inconsistent even when things are going well. I would keep him on the bench if you have more consistent options. Definitely don’t dump him, especially if you are in a keeper league. Bowe is in a contract year so he might get out of KC and to a team with a real QB. If that happens, watch out.

He may come on if the Chiefs offense settles down but right now, I’d be cautious.

Will Todd Haley last the whole season?I very seriously doubt it. If the Chargers wipe the floor with the Chiefs Sunday, and I fully expect them to, then I think Haley has two games left to save himself. The Chiefs host the Vikings and then travel to Indi before their Bye Week. I think if they lose either one of those games, he’s fired in the off week. It is no secret he and Pioli aren’t getting along. I think the GM will dump him the first chance he gets if the team continues to struggle.

If the Chiefs start winning, however, it’s a new day for Todd.

What is the best BBQ spot out there? Arthur Bryants?A lot of people don’t know this about me but I am not actually from Kansas City. I grew up near Cleveland and live in NYC. I won’t get in to the whole background of how I became a Chiefs fan. Suffice it to say, I’d feel like a poser giving out BBQ recs in KC. When I’ve been there, however, I’ve had Oklahoma Joes and Gates. go to Oak Joe’s for the Z-Man sandwich. I liked the ribs at Oak Joe’s but the sauce was better at Gates.