Chargers vs Patriots: Killa Cam’s Quick Hits


Welcome to Week 2 ladies and gentlemen!

It’s not going to be any easy one, as we have to travel to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. These games are always a slug fest. It will be full of heated arguments between the players. Add a little crying in there.

This is a formula that can only add up to one thing: very physical play sprinkled with divine hatred. This is a stiff test for the Chargers in week 2. As we approach week 2, here are a couple quick hits on the game at hand.


  1. Last week, Philip Rivers looked out of sync with his receivers, missing throws he would not normally miss. He also threw multiple INTs and that’s not normal for him. Look for Rivers to get into a rhythm early in the game.
  2. Marcus McNeill must keep Rivers standing up this week. He should draw the Andre Carter assignment. Big Mac must be careful and play consistent. Carter could be the X-factor in this game with the pressure off the edge. Look for Big Mac to try and rebound after a sub-par game last week
  3. After last week, we see that the Patriots defense is vulnerable. Look for Vincent Jackson to test this secondary early and often. The Chargers have to get him going just like the Dolphins used Brandon Marshall (but we should be able to score we have #17 throwing the ball).
  4. Our Interior lineman will be tested having to work against both Vince Wilfork And (big baby) Albert Haynesworth. Lets hope the lazy Haynesworth shows up to play.
  5. In accordance with my last statement, our backs this week will have to hit the hole fast. They may not be open very long with.
  6. The Dolphins used a lot of check downs to Reggie Bush and saw success with the Patriots in a new defense. The Chargers should look to exploit that with our backs coming out the backfield, maybe even try some screen passes.
  7. When the Blitz is coming Philip Rivers must get the ball out of his hands quick. Our slot guys need to step up. Henne was lit up on several plays from the outside blitz.


  1. We all know it and everyone has said it, WE HAVE TO PRESSURE Tom Brady. Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes are the best at this! Look for them to get after Brady (Oh I pray they put him on his back as often as possible).
  2. Who will draw the Wes Welker assignment? He’s not fast but is a great route runner out of the slot. He needs to be covered at all times.
  3. Deion Branch is another efficient route runner who needs to be watched. Brady has great confidence and chemistry with both of these receivers, they must be accounted for at all times.
  4. The Patriots Played a lot of 2 TE sets: they have two really good TEs Dan Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Our linebackers must contain them.
  5. As If we don’t have enough to worry about, here comes little Danny Woodhead (I really hate this guy, he is potentially a game changer). He has great vision, good with the screen game and excels in catching the ball.  Linebackers must watch him also.
  6. To go along with point 5, our safeties must help the linebackers. When a linebacker releases Danny Woodhead, our safeties must be there to pick him up. Same goes for the TEs.
  7. Everyone on this offense must be accounted for at all times.
  8. The run game must be respected, because you never know when the Patriots will run the ball. It seems to change from week to week.

Well there you have it, my quick hits for the week. What do you think? Anymore keys that I could have left out?  If we can put the right formula together we can go in and get an early and very huge win. Let’s make that statement that we are no joke. Everyone is sick of the slow starts, let’s keep the momentum going . Get on the fast track and pick up this win!