How the Chargers Will Stop Adrian Peterson


Football is in full swing, with the Packers picking up a win against the Saints, and I’m LOVING every minute of it (unfortunately for me I’m stuck working the next couple Sundays, so everyone keep me updated).

The chatter about the Bolts has already started. As usual we have these analysts picking us to win, lose or fail. Everyone is talking and all I want to say is SLOW DOWN.

I am a player, coach and fan. There are certain guidelines I was taught as a player and I enforce these as a coach and live by them as a fan.

  • have a short memory between talk, shit talking and media
  • The most important play is the next play
  • the most important game is the next game

With all that said let’s focus on the task at hand: Minnesota! The Viking fans are already talking ( Shut your damn mouths till Sunday)– “Chargers cannot stop the run”– “Weddle going to get ran over”– “AD is going to put TKO on his ass”

How dare you talk like that in our house. The Vikings fans pointed out the AD (Adrian Peterson) can’t be stopped, hence the nick name All Day. If he gets rolling, he can go all day. AD can run over you, through you and has the speed to get around you. You can’t ankle tackle him and you can’t just just stand in front of him thinking it will slow him down. He will run you over. With such a big back with breakaway speed, AD is a freak and is a threat to take it to the house every time.

He still is not Unstoppable! Everyone wonders how to slow AD down. First, fill all the holes and do not let him cut back. Allow no lanes of any sort, not even a inch of daylight. Our linebackers MUST fill the holes. Our NT has to shoot the gap and control it because it all start with him.

Safeties must fill the remaining holes. Weddle, earn your damn money! Play tough if your in the box. Bob Sanders can’t be reckless. Wrap up! You’re the last line of defense. TKO this is where you make your name and use that Neck you got. Make the tackle! There is no room for errors.

Everyone must be up to speed on what is going on. The D must be paying attention at all times, if a play is changed keep yourself up to speed. If you’re a role player, know your role. We constantly need fresh bodies, AD is known to wear a defense down. I think with our 3 man rotation at NT and with our depth at linebacker, we can keep everyone fresh.

The front seven is where is starts. You have to limit him and stop him immediately. Frustrate him into making errors. Whether it’s a tackle for a loss a big hit or a strip. Make the Solid tackles. No guessing or forcing anything, must I say it again NO ROOM FOR ERROR.

AD by all means is a great back but every back has his weaknesses. If we can slow him, we can stop him. Greg Manusky is game planning and implementing his defense as we speak. What does everyone think? What are your keys or tricks to success? You have my take, what is yours? With the right tools and preparation anything can be stopped!