Chargers vs Vikings Q&A: “donchaknow…yeah…youbetchaya!”


Never even watched this movie, but first thing I think when someone mentions Minnesota

I was able to ask a few questions to Clint Starks of The Viking Age to get a little preview on this weekend’s match-up against the Minnesota Vikings. Here is what he had to say:

1. Can you guys just move over to Los Angeles already to stop all the talk of the Chargers moving north?I answered this question last week with optimism that the new stadium deal was going to get done for the Vikes. The Wilfs have said all the right things and are seemingly committed to making it work in Minnesota…that is until it can’t work in Minnesota any longer. 2012 is an election year and this is as a hot button issue as there is. The longer this drags out the worse the future for our beloved Purple. It’s a highly fluid situation that I’m not as sure of as I once was.

2. What are you expecting out of Donovan McNabb this year? The Pro Bowler he was in Philly?I think by and large we are expecting the Donovan that his career numbers reflect. He’s a career 2 TD to 1 INT ratio guy. He does not have to be ole’ #4 and take the team on his shoulders. He has the best RB he has ever had behind him. Musgrave’s offense is run heavy and pas to the TE heavy. I think both of those suit Donovan. Not only that but does any QB in the league have more to prove than McNabb? I think the Pro Bowl is a stretch but our man #5 will be the second best QB in the NFC North at season’s end.

3. How is the defense going to fair without one of your top players Kevin Williams suspended?Now, you should know before hand that I am the Grand Pooba of the Purple Homer Church. From my pulpit I preach nothing but love for the Purple and Gold. Verily, verily I say unto thee that a negative word does not draweth neigh unto my lips. Having said that, the defense is a concern even with 93 in the starting 11. Our secondary, sans Winfield, could very well struggle. Our front 7 will need to get pressure on the opposing QB so as to take pressure off our back 4. In short, we need 93 and the Love Number Jared Allen to step up and play out of their purple gourds this season.

4. After seeing the Chris Johnson money thrown around, do you see an extension coming for AP anytime soon?It was my opinion that a deal for AP was not going to get done until CJ’s deal got done. I think AP’s agent wants AP to get paid and he wants to get paid. Thus AP’s camp waited to see exactly how much CJ’s bankroll increased. CJ and AP went back and forth in the media about who is the best back in the NFL and both have made their cases. The other #28 got 30 million guaranteed. Expect the real 28 to get something North of that.

5. Is it true that people out in your neck of the Woods say “Don’t Cha Know”? Do you write it in sentences too?For reals playa? I think you are thinking of our neighbors to the east that eat all that cheese Yo. In Minneapolis, we are like the San Diego of the Midwest. You have a little pond near you, we have 10,000 lakes. You surf, we (wind) surf. It’s totally rad, and gnarly dude. I mean, totally, we put on our boardies one leg at a time just like our SoCal brethren. I mean is there any thing better than ripping a gnarly tube while hanging ten? Seriously bra. We are just like you…donchaknow…yeah…youbetchaya!

My conclusion:So it  sounds like our offense should put a pounding on their defense. It sounds like they have had some issues on that side of the ball and they do not have some of their best players! NOW THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE!

So, San Diego of the Midwest!?!? Sure, sounds good!

Anyway, thanks to Clint and the Viking Age for taking the time to answer some questions to preview this weekend’s matchup.