Bolt Beat Week 1 Picks


If you have yet to sign up for our ESPN Pigskin Pick ‘Em Group, click the link and jump right in now!! You can see how well you do during the season picking the week’s winners against other Bolts fans and me.

With today being FOOTBALL EVE, I give you my selections for the week.  You all can select your teams on the ESPN group and then comment on this post telling me how much better you are at picking the winners. It’s all about bragging rights for now, but I will definitely get some prizes going for you all soon!

Here are my picks for week 1:

Saints vs PackersIt is tempting to pick Drew Brees and the Saints here, but can’t go against the defending champs at home to start out the year.

Falcons vs BearsAlready picking an upset! I haven’t bought the HYPE on Atlanta yet. As much as I hate Jay Cutler, he can pull out a win at home.

Bills vs ChiefsEven though the Chiefs sucked it up in the preseason, they will barely sneak by these Bills at home. Jamaal Charles is just too good.

Bengals vs BrownsIs there a team worse than the Bengals? The Browns will be my pick in the survivor pool this week since I don’t think I would have the courage to choose them any other time this season.

Lions vs BuccaneersI just think that the Bucs will struggle out the gate and the Lions defensive front will slow down Lagarette Blount and the Tampa Bay offense.

Titans vs JaguarsOK, I found a team worse than Cincinnati: The Jags just cut their starting quarterback yesterday! Have to go with the Titans here.

Colts vs TexansNo Peyton Manning No Win! No woman no cry.

Eagles vs RamsI hate all this DREAM TEAM talk but they should get off to a fast start against the Rams.

Steelers vs RavensIf the Steelers were at home then I would pick them, but they are not.

Vikings vs ChargersIm NORVOUS, but I can’t go against our Bolts in week 1 at home. I don’t know if I ever select against them. Guess we will find out.

Giants vs RedskinsRex Grossman is the starting quarterback for the Redskins. ‘Nuff said!

Panthers vs CardinalsLarry Fitzgerald and the Cards offense should be able to outscore the rookie Cam Newton and the Panther offense.

Seahawks vs 49ersI can’t even give you a good reason on this. Just went with the home teams.

Cowboys vs JetsI want the Jets to lose, but their defense will slow down Tony Romo and the ‘Boys enough.

Patritos vs DolphinsTom Brady is good and the Dolphins are not.

Raiders vs BroncosCan they both lose? I think the Broncos will be better this year and the Raiders will be worse.